Conscious Kink

Film (34:54) with 69 screengrabs
Seani Love ties up Ron Beastly on the floor of the dungeon

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A dungeon space can be like a private bubble, containing only the people playing inside it. Sometimes, though, you can invite other people into the world you’re building between yourselves: the crew, the cameras, and everyone watching on the other side. When this was made, neither Seani nor Ron had shot a porn film before. They wanted to make something special together – and they wanted to share it with their audience.

The punching sequences in this film are particularly intense. You can almost feel the sensations as they travel through both performers, and Ron’s gorgeous reactions show just how intense their play was able to get. Communication is everything in conscious kink, and this film doubles as a lesson in how to keep that connection open.

You can see the thrill in Seani’s face every time he’s asked to go a little harder, a little deeper – and as the bondage rope goes on and Ron sinks down into the space they’ve built between them, it’s easy to see how powerful this kind of negotiation can be.

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Conscious Kink - Behind the Scenes

It was important to both Ron and Seani that their scene was real, so it was shot mostly without interruption or distinction between “in character” and “backstage”. This is all the real them, truthful and raw. Even so, there were moments of discussion and negotiation that didn’t make it into the final cut – and of course a few of the usual minor technical hitches. This extra footage is just as honest as the main film, and rounds the scene out beautifully!



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Ron Beastly and Seani Love

Professional kinksters Seani Love and Ron Beastly introduce themselves to the world of spanking video, and talk about how they’ve found their first spanking film shoot. Both Seani and Ron are practitioners of tantra and conscious kink, and the guys chat about their interests, their work, how they met and how they came to porn performance – plus some teasers about the spanking scenes they’ve got coming up next!

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