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Will Savage
London, UK

I'm Will Savage, a nude and fitness model, stripper and adult performer.

I originally got into the whole fetish scene through some friends in the kink community, who directed me towards people who were making adult fetish films of various kinds. I was already familiar with various kinky activities through these close contacts, and it seemed fairly natural to have a go and try new things on film, even before I had a great deal of experience of kink in my personal life.

That was two or three years ago and it pushed me to start improving my physique and getting in better physical condition.

Since then I've done a lot of nude modelling and a few months ago, I recently started doing live performances as a male stripper. That's been a massive confidence boost. There's something about a live performance in front of a big crowd with high expectations which is a different sort of buzz to appearing on film. Stripping wasn't really something I'd ever considered, but now I'm absolutely loving it. Basically I met a friend who's a popular stripper, and he directed me towards a big UK group that puts on various adult shows. I went through the whole audition process and have found a company where I really fit in, which has an element of comedy, creative staging and choreography, a sort of light-hearted cabaret atmosphere as well as having really fit guys. That's been great for my confidence.

I'm now really focussing my efforts on getting into shape, and pushing myself towards my dream of being a sponsored fitness athlete.

I'd love to promote better crossover between the fetish scene and fitness modelling. The way I see it, there aren't enough blokes in the world of adult film who are in great condition and care about their fitness. There seems to be this culture in the UK particularly that if you're big and strong you have to be dominant rather than sub or switch. I'd love to represent both, and be a reputable fitness athlete while also continuing my adult performance, going against the grain, being sexy and having fun.

I wouldn't say fetish was a huge part of my identity, but I'm pretty open to trying new things and I've loved playing with spanking and all manner of kinky fuckery in private as well as on film. Hand spanking, paddles, whips and ropes certainly make an appearance in my bedroom from time to time, although I also love snuggling and the softer side of things too.

I would say in my personal life I'm mostly interested in playing the dominant role, but on film I've been hired more frequently as a submissive. As far as I'm concerned it's all about trying different things and being open to new experiences.

This was my first time as a bondage photo model as well as my first video shoot that was focussed purely on spanking rather than general BDSM. I definitely had fun with it and am very curious to see how it all comes out!

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