The Schoolgirl’s Revenge

Film (17:05) with 72 photographs
Preview Image for The Schoolgirl's Revenge. John Beecroft, dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform is bound to the spanking bench. Molly Malone, also dressed in school uniform stands in front of him with a cane

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One of the most important lessons in life: never get on the wrong side of Molly Malone. In this beautiful switchy schoolgirl scene, Molly turns the tables on John Beecroft. After he gives her a playful schoolgirl spanking she reveals that it's not the first time he's done it – he's spanked her before in his position as her old headmaster.

The scene takes a dark turn as she reveals that she's seeking revenge for the harsh beatings he used to give her. She blackmails the headmaster, then forces him to cross-dress in a schoolgirl's uniform – complete with white gym knickers and school skirt. Insisting that he calls her 'sir' throughout his ordeal, Molly strides confidently around the room, barking commands and taunting him with reminders of his behaviour all those years ago. When he's thoroughly humiliated, she makes him bend over the spanking bench for a hard hand spanking, then restrains him securely for a beating with the slipper and his own leather belt.

Finally, of course, it wouldn't be a suitable Schoolgirl's Revenge without six of the best with the cane…  

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

The Schoolgirl’s Revenge - Behind the Scenes

Unused footage and out-takes from the filming of The Schoolgirl’s Revenge. Collaborating on dialogue, having to cut mid-spank to change John’s bloody knickers, post-scene hugs and kisses, and a good time had by all!



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Molly Malone and John Beecroft

John and Molly tell us how they met, and attempt to describe the nature of their close (if slightly unusual) friendship, including what Molly’s family think of him! Hear about John’s infamous 75th birthday party, how John discovered his passion for corporal punishment and the story of his spanking career to date. John talks about writing “Slight Damage to the Rear End” and what appeals to him about that sort of scenario. Does he prefer giving or receiving? Why is the cane his favourite implement? What did John make of his day filming for Dreams of Spanking, and what were the pair’s favourite scenes?

8 Responses

  1. Really a very good film. Molly and John are perfect. But unfortunately the sound track does not work well. Perhaps is just a problem with my computer.

  2. Hrm – yeah, I did test all three files and they’re playing fine for me. Which one are you having a problem with?

  3. Yesterday the sound track did not work and today works perfectly. Weird computers! On the other hand, I insist very good film.

  4. Hah, did you find it funny? Interesting, I thought this one was fucking dark and twisted rather than comedic!

  5. Dark and twisted ? Actually that was my reaction at the beginning of the film, so I guess the words “completely hilarious” were ill chosen.

    But yes I did find the film very funny, especially Sir John’s excellent performance as a man who thinks he can go through life doing what ever he likes, with out consequence to him self. Of course Molly has other ideas.

  6. I like the idea of the film- particularly the idea of revenge
    though it is not quite my area-
    how about reversing this idea and having something with a head mistress being made to dress like a schoolboy

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