John Beecroft

Based in United Kingdom

I had a privileged upbringing. From an early age my parents relied on a pretty young nanny to look after me. She would put me across her knee and spank me if I upset her. I remember at age 5 or 6 spanking a girl of similar age at my birthday party, which was not appreciated by her parents!

Later at prep school, the matron would take down our pyjamas and spank us if caught talking after lights out. Obviously I enjoyed it, but didn’t at public school when caned by masters.

As an adult I gave a spanking to my first girlfriend who was not happy about it and dumped me. After that I used to visit professional ladies, but for various reasons wasn’t able to be marked. In my 60s, living alone, I decided to attend spanking parties which I’d seen advertised on the internet. As a result, I met some lovely spankees and dommes (some of whom are now my greatest friends) and joined the London scene – probably over-doing it a bit!

I really enjoy switching. There is no lovelier sight than a bare female bottom awaiting a spanking, strapping or caning. When I devise a scenario I always ensure that the recipient has no option but to accept it. However, always written into the script is the opportunity for the “victim” to turn the tables and hand out an equally severe thrashing to her punisher.

I decided to do spanking video because I thought it would be fun – and it was. Ready when you are Pandora!

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