Slight Damage to the Rear End

Film (15:00 mins) with 68 photographs
John bends over Molly's lap, as Molly pulls his underwear down

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Strict headmistress Molly Malone accepts no bad behaviour – even from her Chair of Governors. After a foolish mistake, Sir John has a choice between the police, or a severe cold caning.

When the distinguished Sir John crashes his car into Molly Malone’s, she doesn’t let him off just because he’s Chair of the Board of Governors. John is given a choice – Molly can call the police, or he can submit to a good hard spanking.

John’s choice sees him spanked hard over the knee, while being strongly reprimanded by the angry headmistress. Although he’s no naughty schoolboy, Molly insists that he also submit to the same bare bottom caning she’d use to discipline her unruly students. And as the crime is so severe, it warrants a severe caning to match.


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Slight Damage to the Rear End - Behind the Scenes

An extra-long behind the scenes video! 15 minutes including outtakes, negotiation, normalising the use of plasters, Molly and John’s obvious enjoyment during the spanking, the non-bottom pain of spanking modelling, mirrors!, unused footage, sweaty caning hands, discontinuous lighting, and working out the ending! Also includes five minutes of eye-opening post-scene gossip as Molly cleans up the abrasions on John’s caned bum.



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Molly Malone and John Beecroft

John and Molly tell us how they met, and attempt to describe the nature of their close (if slightly unusual) friendship, including what Molly’s family think of him! Hear about John’s infamous 75th birthday party, how John discovered his passion for corporal punishment and the story of his spanking career to date. John talks about writing “Slight Damage to the Rear End” and what appeals to him about that sort of scenario. Does he prefer giving or receiving? Why is the cane his favourite implement? What did John make of his day filming for Dreams of Spanking, and what were the pair’s favourite scenes?

12 Responses

  1. Just watched the behind-the-scenes interview. I love the age difference and the friendship between Molly and John. Will definitely bear their scenes together in mind for the next time I buy membership!

  2. Why not go for the recurring billing option? This means you can sit back and enjoy everything about this wonderful site as and when it happens without worrying about renewing your subscriptions.

    I took the option when it was first launched a couple of months ago, and I’m sooooooo glad I did.

  3. Thank you! They really do have a special connection, don’t they? As do Zoe and John – I’d love to shoot the two of them together one day. Thanks for the comment, this was a great shoot and it was fun to branch out a little age-wise. John certainly deserves it – he’s a fantastic actor, a genuine enthusiast, and he can really take it. Nice bum, too! 🙂

  4. I’m sure people who regularly check out the site will buy memberships as often as they can afford to.

    By the way, John, thank you for being our first, and most loyal, recurring member. Your continued support is greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. That’s a very understanding and pragmatic comment, Pandora. Thank you. My own membership has lapsed at present because domestic economies do have to be considered. That doesn’t mean to say I have lost interest in DoS. Far from it. And I do certainly intend to buy back in from time to time. Continuing best wishes for the site.

  6. Yay Molly, give it to him!!
    You look lovely and mistressy in your outfit 🙂

  7. Aw, I’d missed seeing your comments! Looking forward to having you as a member again when it’s next practical 🙂

  8. Agreed, I love this look of Molly’s. Swishy tweed and severe bob – fantastic!

  9. I very much enjoyed the clip and on the strength of this will buy a membership, great acting from Molly and John. Unfortunately, my interest is mainly F/M so many of the films have little interest for me. Obviously this is the case with many people, I like the F/F but I’m afraid M/M leaves me cold.

  10. Definitely my favorite interview on DoS, so many brilliant lines !

    John, “When I was a kid my very attractive nanny used to spank me.”

    Molly, “Mum, Dad this is John, we enjoy beating each other. John, these are the people who produced me.”

    When I met Mrs. Malone I was like, “Oh so you’re Molly’s Mum. Well Molly and Zoe have finished beating me up and they’re now beating each other in the garden.” Subtext, “I want you to know at no point did I strike your daughter !”

    As for the film it self, I love the scolding, John’s quiet arrogance, the spanking and the caning, but best of all the way John and Molly effortlessly move onto discussing exam results.

    Oh and there’s another thing, I’m no longer the oldest spankee on DoS. Thank you John.

  11. Thank YOU Vincent for your kind comments. I think we’ve both been very lucky to have been on the receiving end from two such lovely doms as Molly and Zoe although I haven’t (yet?) had the pleasure of filming with Zoe. However, having seen the fierce caning you took from her, I’m probably well out of it!

  12. I like the theme and storyline here. Rather pleasant to imagine someone who is used to disregarding others he deems less significant than himself receiving some corrective treatment, and John plays the part excellently.

    (As an aside – the title reminded me of something from one of the London mag shops years ago. This shop stocked a wide range but had a good collection of spanking mags. Helpfully the staff sometimes put little stickers on some older stock to warn customers of, eg, ‘missing pages’ and the like. One sticker was ‘damaged rear’ stuck on a spanking mag!! (possibly unwittingly when it was originally done). But of course it caused quite a few chuckles from the browsers and staff when they cottoned on – and for quite a while too because it wasn’t a particularly good quality mag in the genre and stuck around for ages.)

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