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We’re delighted to share this audio story by Girl on the Net, a sex blogger, author, and long-time friend of Dreams of Spanking. She’s been blazing a trail recording her best sexy blog posts as free audio porn which she funds via Patreon. In keeping with that we’re making the full audio available as an extra-special free release, and our members can listen to it without ads.

In an all-too-nearby future, what remains of humanity lives out its life in hastily erected underground bunkers. In communities like this, everyone must do their bit to service the needs of their fellow survivors – all their needs. So when it’s your turn on free-use relief duty, you’d better bend over and spread.

This dystopian fantasy explores how it might feel to be used this way, how desperate your patrons would be for their rationed moments of release, the sensation of being slammed down into the floor and fucked like a blow-up doll. It’s horny, it’s angry, and it’s definitely not intended as a how-to guide for real life sex.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for introducing me to an excellent writer. The story did not lead me to a wank, but it did make me think, so thanks once again.

  2. Seems you can get AI voice generators now that convert text to voice at the drop of a hat
    albeit for a fee.
    80 different voices to choose from.
    Add emotions.Choice of a dozen.
    Control Pitch Speed.Gender.Age etc etc
    Tone etc etc.
    Could spell the end for audio stories by human though I doubt
    any robot will replace the delightful Pandoras real voice!
    Exciting Times!

  3. I loved the voice, I find looking at others fantasies so interesting.
    many many years ago my English teacher told a class of 15 year old boys the best creative writing they will probably find was in the readers letters pages of mens magazines.

    1. yes, Letters to the Editor was the most accessible source of spanking fiction; obviousky written by men. but adopting a feminine persona

      1. Yes Along with the legendary and still not authenticated series of Letters to The Gentlemens Magazine
        of the 1880s on the subject of Corporal Punishment.
        These Voice Generators though are quite the thing.
        AI has improved them.
        Its now possible to join 2 MP3 audio clips in sequence to create conversations in different voices between
        spanked and spanker for example,
        Lengthy stories ,dialogs approaching movie length ,etc.
        Many of the Voices are Copyright free.
        Indeed its probably possible to generate your very own whole nightly news channel audio reports of your choosing
        with all sorts of articles being read out from text by many diferent ‘newsreaders’.
        For the better and finer ones you have to subscribe.
        The only drawback is that if one is creating ones own fantasies its not so much a surprise as if some stranger
        possibly paid were writing them,and that requires skill and in depth knowledge of exactly what you like to hear.

  4. Lifelike MP3 sound effects are creatable for example it is possible to play back
    a human voice imitating a very lifelike sound of someone being spanked complete
    with scolding in a different voice.
    (though over writing may be not possible so turn about & any slapping sounds might have to be
    dubbed in too))
    This played loudly on a Speakered MP3 player could turn quite a few heads at say a Adult
    Fetish Party if played loud behind a closed door!It would sound very real indeed.

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