Post-Apocalypse Relief Duty


We’re delighted to share this audio story by Girl on the Net, a sex blogger, author, and long-time friend of Dreams of Spanking. She’s been blazing a trail recording her best sexy blog posts as free audio porn which she funds via Patreon. In keeping with that we’re making the full audio available as an extra-special free release, and our members can listen to it without ads.

In an all-too-nearby future, what remains of humanity lives out its life in hastily erected underground bunkers. In communities like this, everyone must do their bit to service the needs of their fellow survivors – all their needs. So when it’s your turn on free-use relief duty, you’d better bend over and spread.

This dystopian fantasy explores how it might feel to be used this way, how desperate your patrons would be for their rationed moments of release, the sensation of being slammed down into the floor and fucked like a blow-up doll. It’s horny, it’s angry, and it’s definitely not intended as a how-to guide for real life sex.

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