Nursing a Grudge

Film (10:24) with 74 photographs
Preview Image for Nursing a Grudge. Vincent Brennan is over Nurse Molly Malone's lap, his pants pulled down and bare bottom on display as Nurse Zoe Montana watches

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Cheeky Vincent thinks nothing of giving the nurse a friendly pat on the bottom after his medical appointment – but Nurse Malone won't have it. She pulls Vincent over her lap and gives him a few smacks in return, but even the embarrassment of an over the knee spanking doesn't seem to get through to him. Getting angrier by the second, the nurse pulls his trousers down, then his underwear and continues the punishment on Vincent's bare bottom.

Things start looking much worse for Vincent when Molly's colleague Zoe comes in to see what all the noise is. It turns out that this isn't the first time Vincent has sexually harrassed a medical professional – nor is it the first time he's found himself in this position. If Molly and Zoe have anything to do with it, this is the last time he'll ever treat them or one of their colleagues this way. The pair join forces to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

Story by Vincent Brennan – this was his first ever spanking on camera!

NB. Please forgive the limited camera angles – sadly the footage from the other camera was accidentally lost. More info here. ~Pandora

Photography: Dave Dodgy 

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Nursing a Grudge - Behind the Scenes

Outtakes, behind the scenes footage and comedy moments from the filming of ‘Nursing a Grudge’.



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Vincent Brennan

Vincent talks to Pandora about the scenes they’ve filmed on his first ever spanking shoot, how he feels about the day, and how and why he decided to take the plunge.

11 Responses

  1. OH….MY…..GOD.!!!!!!!!!!!……..Mr Vincent Brennan, I do believe you’ve just become the most envied man on the planet. Sandwiched between the delectable Molly and the scrumptious Zoe…………………add the nurse’s uniforms….and……….shhhhhhhheeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrwiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg………hello !!!!!! Temperature through the roof, heartbeat off the Richter scale……..just unbelievable……….

    Molly & Zoe’s hand spankings are perfect and running, stroking, digging their nails in all over your bottom and legs is the biggest tease ever….(this makes me shudder when it’s done to me)….no wonder you can’t stop giggling.

    The humour throughout is absolutely brilliant too a great twist which isn’t always tried……

    One great scene after another on this site……….I could grow very old enjoying Dreams of Spanking……. I mean grow older !!!!!

    Thank you all…….

  2. Good film. I particularly like the section where Vincent gets a double spanking from Zoe and Molly. It’s great to take this opportunity when there are three players involved. It’s also interesting rhythmically on occasion.

    The effects on Vincent’s bum are of course very noticeable by the end, especially with some very firm finishing off spanks from Zoe. The shade of red hasn’t got to the colour of his shirt but it’s on the way!

  3. LOL. I love this. Especially the photo with Molly & Zoe groping his bum!!! It’s awesome being a man and having two women ganging up on you and punishing and humiliating you and getting a good laugh from it 🙂

  4. Thanks! I love anything with Molly and Zoe together, they have such great chemistry. The groping photos made me laugh too 🙂 And after buying these nurse uniforms over a year ago it was brilliant to finally put them to good use!

  5. Love your comments on the rhythm! I enjoyed the variety when both ladies were spanking simultaneously – sometimes alternating, sometimes in sync and at some points, total chaos!

    This was Vincent’s first spanking on camera and I think only his third or fourth spanking ever in real life. It’s not surprised he marked up quickly. He was a trooper!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it! Molly and Zoe both have a way of using their hands and nails, it’s something I’ve learned from them I think 🙂

  7. Hi Vincent –

    Given the force of the slap that you gave the nurse which led to your punishment, have you considered GIVING a spanking – I’m sure it would be worth watching (M/F or M/M) …

    Incidentally, I’m predominantly an M/M fan (don’t let that put you off – you should try it!)


    Pandora – I LOVE the site …….

  8. Thank you Chris, but unfortunately Pandora knows first hand how rubbish I am as a top !

    You did make me look at ‘Nursing a Grudge’ again though and you’re right I did give Nurse Molly a proper hard slap. Possibly because Molly Malone has such a warm personality, (subconsciously) I felt the need to provoke her into giving me a really good spanking ?

    With Zoe Montana it was different, I was completely enchanted by her when we met but never had any doubt that she would leave me sore for days to come.

  9. Vincent is so naughty and cheeky ….. I hope he learned his lesson after this

  10. I dated a girl in college that I met at the school’s gym. She was tall, athletic and strong and majored in physical therapy and minored in psychology. She was very adventurous and we experimented a lot sexually. She would try dominating me as far as where we would go, what we would do and who we would do things with (mostly her friends). On my birthday she was doing the same thing, we met her friends, went out to dinner etc.. I finally put my foot down when we got back to her place (a lot of beer was consumed threw out the evening). She said that I didn’t appreciate all the trouble she went threw to make the evening memorable for me. She said their is only one thing left to do… she stripped me to my birthday suit. The next thing I knew she had hauled me over her knee and began spanking me. Just then her roommate came in to witness my humiliation. Her roommate said she too wanted to wish me a happy b’day and over her knee I went as well. My girlfriend went into her bathroom for a minute and came back carrying hand cream and a bar of soap. She told her roommate to flip me over as she put some hand cream in her hand telling her to do what comes natural and started giving me a handjob. As I protested, my girlfriend shoved the bar of soap into my mouth telling me I had a fowl mouth ( mumbled an apology) until I lost control.

  11. I want a pair of those starry undies 😀

    Love the shot of two nurses grabbing a bum cheek each. I think my bum would be perfect for that ♥♥♥

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