Vincent Brennan

Based in North of London

Hello, I’m Vincent, one of the oldest but least experienced people on this site. I would say that I am an adventurer, a coward, a socialist of sorts and a definite cat person, with an unfortunate allergy to cats.

I can remember at the age of eleven, watching ‘By The Sword Divided’, a BBC drama set during the English Civil War. A young woman (I think she was called Lucinda) was whipped by her father, and it was then that I first discovered that there was some thing about corporal punishment that I found very stimulating.

At first my dreams of spanking and caning focused on the point of view of the person administering the punishment, however soon I realised that I was far more interested in the experience of the individual being punished. I rather suspected that my fantasies were far from unique, but was utterly taken aback when I first got an Internet connection and found out that there was so many like minded people out there. Then at the grand old age of thirty nine (yes thirty nine!), I finally received the spanking and caning that I had been craving, courtesy of the lovely and notoriously chatty Liz from Maidenhead.

For me a long over the knee hand spanking is such an unambiguously enjoyable experience, however a hard caning, hard enough for me to doubt that I can bear it, leaves me with a much more enduring high.

I’ve learnt much from being involved with Dreams of Spanking, not least that ladies’ knickers and stockings feel really uncomfortable and it’s hard to drink from a water bottle when you are in handcuffs !

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