Drunk and Disorderly

Film (23:36) with 60 screengrabs
Preview Image for Drunk and Disorderly. Naked Vincent Brennan bends over the desk as Police Officers Zoe Montana and Molly Malone prepare to cane him

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After a night in the cells, Vincent's obnoxious behaviour irritates the officer processing his paperwork so much that she decides to make his day a little more unpleasant. A strip search does him no favours, and he is given a choice: a lengthy court process culminating in eventual jail time, or judicial corporal punishment and a same-day release.

Thinking that a WPC can't possibly do that much damage, Vincent consents to the judicial caning. He is in for a hell of a shock. His big mouth earns him more and more strokes, leading to a total of 30 full-force strokes of the cane.  

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Vincent Brennan

Vincent talks to Pandora about the scenes they’ve filmed on his first ever spanking shoot, how he feels about the day, and how and why he decided to take the plunge.

45 Responses

  1. This is an amazing scene. The set / location and the two ladies in uniform culminating in what can only be described as the perfect caning from Zoe whilst Molly makes sure there’s no escape from the pleasure (and pain) being administered……………let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be Vincent in this scene being taken care of by these two incredibly sensual ladies…………….You’ve done it again Pandora, delivered a perfect scenario……

  2. Phew! Well done Vincent. Zoe’s fearsome here. Well controlled and very strict scene.

  3. Thank you John, I’m really pleased this worked for you. I’ve had this location in mind for a judicial scene for ages and when Vincent came up with this scenario it just all came together. I loved how Molly and Zoe worked together in this!

  4. Really very good!! I read your blog about the missing footage, but frankly, I don’t think it spoilt it. Zoe is very convincing and knows how to use the cane. I just watched an earlier one with you and Jimmy as prefects and that was good. Perhaps a Headmistress role dealing with an errant boy for another time – I like the forged sick note scenario.

  5. Thank you Howard! I’d love to get Zoe back as Headmistress next time I shoot with her, we aren’t in the same country very often but when we are, I always try to set something up if possible. Forged sick note isn’t one we’ve done yet, I’ll add it to the list 🙂

  6. I know this can be repetitive and you but please ,please, Pandora can you get back into a Headmistress scenario sometime soon. I appreciate your readiness to explore new scenarios that are not for everybody. I particularly enjoyed puppy play a while back. With doms and subs of all ages and ethnicity now appearing on your site , is it time to consider a really passable male cross dresser with a convincing ambiguous physical presence ?

  7. Noted! I like cross-dressing – do you mean a man dressing as a woman, or vice versa?

  8. Vincent, you were brilliant……you really made this scene come alive and bought the best out in Zoe I think…….I really hope I get my turn sometime in the future…..after my 1 to 1.

  9. I think this is my favorite scene so far (along with the hilarious “new head girl”).
    Severity with style and elegance – what more can bottom ask for?

  10. Oh I hadn’t even read that yet. I was indeed wondering why there are only a few behind the scenes shots and no video footage. Especially for a film with such an intense judicial caning. Hard canings are my favorite kind of play both as top and bottom (I am a switcher), but I haven’t done a real severe caning without warmup neither as top or bottom in real life. Yet.

  11. Oh you should try it derwolf, it’s such a pleasant way to pass the time.

  12. Behind the scenes video is coming, but there’s around 40 mins of footage for me to wade through, a lot of which is pretty uneventful, so I’m still working on putting together an interesting/watchable edit 🙂

  13. Brave indeed Pandora, but don’t forget Vincent has got his eye on your cat o nine tails…..before 2013 is put to bed………you know you can’t let him down……..!!!

  14. Great film. Thanks to all involved. I am particularly impressed with Vincent, because according to the interview which followed, is quite inexperienced. That was a really hard caning he took very bravely, I think I would have had an even harder time keeping still.


  15. When Pandora says this can happen, she really means this can happen…..don’t delay…….

    ……you must experience a 1 to 1 with Pandora just as soon as you can organise it. This amazing experience will live with you…..forever……..like it will for me…………..

    I have been flying now for 12+ hours post session and I’m still nowhere near coming back down to earth…..I feel exhilarated, fulfilled, liberated…………..I feel like a new me……..

    I thank you Pandora with all my heart………xxx

  16. Oh thank you DrMaturin and every one else who has left positive comments.

    I can remember the caning hurting rather a lot at the time but now I’ve heard my shocking attempt at an Australian accent at the start of the film, I think that Zoe was probably quite lenient !

  17. I thought it was an excellent effort at the old Aussie Lingo…….but I guess Zoe didn’t appreciate it very much……..still a brilliant session though………….

  18. I hope you are on Twitter John, because I kind of get the impression that Pandora enjoyed Friday afternoon as much as you.

  19. Vincent……yeah I am on Twitter


    The session was incredible, staring off warming up, hand spanking, paddle, strap and pump (plimsoll), then it moved onto the cane and towards the end got very hard indeed but it was just amazing……….I loved every minute of it and I hope I can perhaps perform in a scene at some point.

    I really hope Pandora enjoyed it, I think she did, but she is an amazing lady……..I really enjoyed her company and I really loved her perfect punishment(s).

  20. How could I forget the table-tennis bat……that was probably one of the best implements before the caning got underway

  21. He certainly was. I think this was only his third or fourth spanking/caning ever! Pretty impressive 🙂

  22. Very impressive if you ask me…….I would love something like this, something this hard and severe and dominating………I would be on seventh heaven………I would let the Topper go wild……….50 strokes for starters…….damn there I go again with my stupid big mouth…………

  23. Wow, brave chap indeed. I’ve had a judicial caning in the past (48 strokes) and I know just how much it hurts. I was very impressed with his composure after each stroke, I was cringing and pulling all sort of faces when I was caned like that.

  24. Well I can see drinking and been naughty can get you a very sore bottom!

  25. He did really well, didn’t he? I definitely couldn’t have taken a caning like this so stoically, especially with that little experience! I wish I hadn’t lost the camera showing his facial reactions. Oh well – we’ll have to do it again! What do you think, Vincent? 😉

  26. Especially if you then go out of your way to provoke your arresting officer!

  27. Well yes, or some thing similar, to be honest I can remember the exhilaration now much better than the pain. But as this is a feminist site, if you ever do decide to ask me back, then I think that you should allow me to receive fifty strokes like the wonderful Kaelah.

  28. Very nice example. I love fast everything in this spanking shoot. I would like to become this actor :-). Yes, that is my secreat dream.

  29. There is that popular Vincent attitude I have come to know only too well. Very deserved if you ask in my books …….

  30. I have noticed that the canings given to males is invariably
    more severe than those given to females.
    I thought that the caning this scene was excessive,
    30 full force strokes, and his first shoot.
    Do you check that male submissives consent to
    harder punishment?

  31. Hi Max,

    The levels are always based on the performer’s wishes and desires. Some performers, including Vincent, are interested in playing harder. I had previously played with Vincent in person and he expressed his eagerness to take a caning like this on camera. Other male models have lower limits, and those are always respected. Hopefully the interview with Vincent will help make this clear. It’s also telling that Vincent was so happy with this shoot, and with this level of caning, that he later volunteered to take part in our fundraiser caning, which he insisted he wanted to be severe – you can watch that here.

    You can always contact him yourself if you want to check in with him – his email address is on his profile page 🙂

  32. Thank you so much for your concern Max. Oh my goodness it seems like such a long time ago now but yes I definitely gave my consent to Pandora Blake for Zoe Montana to give me a hard caning.

    Although there was never a script as such, I wrote down a scenario which Pandora printed out and my self, Zoe and Molly Malone improvised from that. The idea was that at least initially it would be a fun story, with me mocking the Police Women but becoming more serious, in terms of the severity of the caning.

    We didn’t shoot the whole thing straight and there was pause I think after every four strokes or maybe six. Pandora also made it clear that any of us could call a halt at any time and for any reason.

  33. Wow, this was an amazing scene! One of my favorites so far! I laughed out loud when Vincent said the drugs were aspirin. Also I see in the description that it mentions 30 strokes, but I missed that when I first played the video so I wasn’t expecting him to sass the officer after the 24 strokes. It was a very nice surprise. And all well taken! I don’t know if I’d be able to take 6 like that, though I’d be willing to try.

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