The Loose Hem

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Preview image for The Loose Hem. Vincent Brennan is over Molly Malone's knee. He is wearing a skirt and stockings as Molly uses the ruler on his bare red bottom

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Based on a story submitted by joolstheman:

Zoe's favourite skirt needs some attention – the hem needs shortening. She asks her husband Vincent to drop it off at her sister Molly's.

Vincent has always had a thing about her; Molly is such a flirt and a tease. On arrival Vincent is invited in. "Oh Vincent, could you remove your shoes – the carpets have just been cleaned you see." After a hug and a peck on the cheek they both go in to the living room.

"Let me look at Zoe's skirt. The hem needs shortening you say?" Molly gives Vincent a saucy grin and a wink, holding the skirt up to the light. "This is far too short already! That sister of mine needs a damn good spanking. If mum saw her out wearing this…" Molly giggles and remembers the time that she was spanked side by side with her sister many moons ago.

Playfully she holds the skirt up. "Here. Hold this a moment. Let me see the length?" Vincent starts to take the skirt from Molly but she says "No no no, silly. Let me!" With firm fingers she holds the skirt and pins it up against Vincent’s hips. "There, see.. You’d look good in a skirt." Vincent blushes.

As Vincent gets redder in the face Molly leans forward and says, "Don’t be shy. I’ve known for years you like cross-dressing, and always wanted to be put in a skirt." God, what a tease Molly is, he thinks – but how the hell did she know Looking down at his feet Molly says "Those socks seem a bit thin for wool…" she leans forward and speaks quietly in Vincent's ear, "Now tell me. Are those stocking or tights you’re wearing under your trousers?"

Vincent holds the hem of the skirt against him as Molly undoes his belted waist band and his trousers drop to his ankles. Molly gasps with delight as she sees that his legs are indeed clad in sheer black stockings… and his boyish buttocks are decorated with vivid red cane stripes. 


Photography: Dave Dodgy

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Vincent Brennan

Vincent talks to Pandora about the scenes they’ve filmed on his first ever spanking shoot, how he feels about the day, and how and why he decided to take the plunge.

9 Responses

  1. Very, very erotic and subversive! Vincent is clean-shaven, slim, and attractive. On him, lacy knickers and black-stockings become tertiary sexual characteristics. My libido is fizzing, goldenly . More cross-dressed switch scenes, please, lots of permutations still unexplored! x

  2. Wow! Thank you for this comment Jimbo, I agree that this scene is something special and I’m really glad you liked it. Molly and Vincent were an ideal casting in my view 🙂

    I’d love to do more cross-dressing scenes. I don’t like the way that “feminisation” and “sissification” is so often framed as humiliation play – there’s nothing demeaning about femininity – but I love the subversive, taboo and playful aspects of cross-dressing. And as this scenario shows so well, embarrassment can play a part if it’s the blushing of a private secret revealed, and not seen as being innate to the activity. Plus there is just something divine about the sensation of a firm male bottom clad in silky ladies knickers!

  3. Great scene. And I agree the sissy boy thing is so overplayed in cross dressing. From a male perspective it’s much more about having textures against your skin that you don’t usually experience as a man. You don’t have to be a ‘sissy’ to like that. The removal of traditional male clothing to reveal feminine attire underneath is very erotic. Couple that with receiving a spanking, and wow! A great variation in this scene would have been if Molly had looked behind Vincent’s back say, as he was sitting down and seen perhaps the top of a tights waistband. And then insisted he reveal all. But that’s just me – I love tights as well as stockings.

  4. I entirely agree with you on textures. Not the easiest thing to convey on film – but so erotic!

    A few people have requested more tights in spanking scenes in general, I’ll definitely add it to the list for the next time we’re shooting 🙂

  5. Most me men need to be humiliated or embarrassed by a woman, then spanked bare bottomed over her knee.

  6. Pretty Molly gives big spanks and has fun and flirts ,hope she will return now your e back Pandora ,best spanks Tim .

  7. OMG this scene made me so happy! The more I see of Vincent, the more I like him. His happy, giggly reactions are so good. And Molly did a fantastic job. Well done!

  8. Vincent is so much fun in this scene, especially given it was his first ever shoot! Molly was great in guiding him on his first filming experience and we got this fantastic film as a result.

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