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The Wrong Room

Film (running time 13:09) with gallery of 60 high definition photographs
Created 23 Dec 2020, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, corset, edgy, Leia-Ann Woods, M|F, M|X, Pandora Blake, riding crop, severe, Thomas Cameron, Victorian & Edwardian

Two Victorian wenches are spanked and punished in this lush period piece starring Pandora Blake, Leia Ann Woods and Thomas Cameron. Come for the riding crop, stay for the chemistry!

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If you loved 2017’s feature The Victorian Brothel, you’re in for a Christmas treat. In this sequel, Molly Brown has been playing with client Thomas for some time - and she’s come to love the sting of his canes and paddles on her exposed bottom. Played by a real life D/s couple at the time of filming, the connection and chemistry between the two is palpable.

During this assignation, though, there’s a twist: another of Mrs. Slater’s girls has accidentally double-booked the room, and stumbles in on Molly as she’s taking her beating. Thomas sees an opportunity he doesn’t want to miss - and another girl to train up, too.

Leia is nervous at first, alarmed by the sleek leather crop and the bruised, reddened state of Molly’s backside. Once Thomas warms her up a little and begins on her twenty strokes, however, she seems to undergo something of a revelation: perhaps this spanking and submission idea isn’t as terrible as she’d feared?

One of the very best things about The Wrong Room is the deep, telling facial expressions of all the characters: Pandora moving from enjoyment to jealousy to interest, Leia’s journey from reticence to private excitement at the kiss of the crop, the amused little glimmer in Thomas’s eyes that adds to his aura of elegant domination.

This photoset aims to capture all that and more, giving you a chance to really savour some of the most beautiful moments in this stunning film. There are plenty of closeups, particularly of some of the most crucial moments - and, of course, of the incredible marking and bruising on Pandora’s and Leia’s beautiful backsides!

The Wrong Room is a beautiful slice of history in more than one way, and the perfect new release to warm yourself up for the festive season

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The Wrong Room - behind the scenes

Take a glimpse behind the camera with this never-before-seen behind the scenes footage from The Wrong Room. You'll get to see the easy camaraderie between the performers, find out a little more about how the magic is made and spend some extra time enjoying Pandora's and Leia's beautiful backsides - plus you'll find out how impressively fast Thomas can pull a blow when someone calls "cut"!

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Interview with Leia-Ann Woods
Pandora Blake, Leia-Ann Woods

Settle down for a glass of wine with Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods as they discuss what it was like to film The Wrong Room together: how they came up with the idea, what the experience was like for them both and how they felt afterwards. This is a heartwarming clip that really lets you into their friendship and excitement.

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I love this scene. Pandora and Leia were great, but I particularly enjoy scenes with Thomas. I like that this is a sequel to The Victorian Brothel and I hope to see more!

There are a couple more scenes with Thomas to come out, I look forward to hearing how you enjoy them! :)

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