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Queueing for the Cane

Film (running time 1:22) with gallery of 78 screengrabs
Created 22 Dec 2022, last updated 7 Jan 2023



Headmistress Lorraine has her work cut out for her in this feature-length school caning film focussed on the line of naughty pupils waiting outside her office.

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Tags: bare bottom, British, cane, cold caning, crying, David Weston, Faerie Willow, films, first time, F|f, F|m, F|x, hand spanking, head girl, headmistress, Jay Loveson, knee-high socks, Mistress Lorraine, M|f, M|m, OTK, Pandora Blake, Rich Millner, Rosie Bower, school, school uniform, scolding, spanking bench, strict, white cotton knickers

It’s Friday afternoon at a certain public school, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the Head Prefect to present the week’s miscreants for their traditional caning from the Headmistress. There’s a motley collection outside her office this week; she’s going to have her work cut out.

First up is bratty tearaway Jay, who never learns when to keep his smart mouth shut. He’s certainly creative; even the Headmistress gives a wry chuckle as she’s updated on his exploits. He puts on a brave face through his caning - but winds up getting himself more than he’d bargained for.

Next is David, a first-timer, and it’s pretty clear there’s more to his story than he’s telling. As a member of the boys dorm he gets to pick whether he’d rather be caned by the Headmistress or the Deputy Head, and having just gawked at Jay’s vividly striped backside he asks for Mr. Millner to be brought in. More fool him: Mr. Millner teaches History, the very subject David bunked off, and he is not impressed by the boy’s attitude about his beloved subject.

After that it’s Rosie’s turn. She’s been lounging in the hallway this whole time, gloating and winding the newbies up - but she has a secret of her own. Week after week she winds up back over the vaulting horse, often for some minor incident that for anyone with a less chequered record would barely qualify as a caning offence. Could it possibly be that she enjoys this indignity?

And then...then there’s Willow. Willow doesn’t belong here; she’s a good girl, and this was all a terrible mistake. After listening to the cracks coming from the Head’s office all afternoon, she’s terrified and practically weeping as she’s called in and told to bend over. The Headmistress is resolved not to go easy on her, and her tears are a testament to the power of her cane.

With the day’s work over, there’s one more bit of business to clear up. The Head Prefect is in most ways a reformed character, but everybody slips up occasionally - and it’s the Headmistress’s job to keep them in line!

With two tops, five bottoms, six punishment scenes, an immersive boarding school location and a cast featuring a range of trans, non-binary and BIPOC performers, Queueing for the Cane is a spanking tour de force and our most ambitious project yet. As far as we know it’s the first time a project like this has ever starred a Black Headmistress. We’re delighted to be able to share it with you all, and we know you’ll love it as much as we do.


Twinkle in my eye

My involvement in this project began with its conception back in 2016. Earlier today I finally got to download a 6.3 GigaByte version of it. I haven't watched it yet, but I love it already.

The image beside the End of Scene Interview links looks lovely, albeit a little greyed out, but the MP4-LARGE button only delivers a 15 byte textfile saying "File not found." I'll come back next week for another try.

It's been such a joy to collaborate with you on this project :)

Thank you for flagging this! The End of Scene Interview image was published in error as the end of scene interview is not ready for publication. I'll send it to you as soon as it is.

Most fun I've had in a long time

Filming this scene was easily one of the best things I've done all year. Was a real joy to work with so many amazing people on both sides of the camera - I wouldn't hesitate to work with any of them again at the first opportunity

q g for the cane

excellent videos adore all the ladies knickers and using that lovely word knickers mmmm

We love the word knickers so you will hear it often ;)

Lovely opening shot , composition, colour

When I get a bit of privacy from my Xmassy guests, I surreptitiously watching the video in chunks. Mistress Lorraine has fabulous presence and charisma. A hyper-phallic black woman---wow! Those fingernails, that bosom, that face! That hair!
The way the camera pans around canes is like a tour of a sweetshop for we spankos,
I love the cutting between the Head's study, and the Hit Parade outside. Expertly done! The acting is excellent too. I love the way Jay & Rosie wind up Faerie--that's just what used to happen back in the day, hardened miscreants winding up the weepy notices.
Only seen 40 minutes so far, and the canings have been superbly administered and taken.
Oh, if only I was young and pretty again like those two boys, hugging the horse, riding the exquisite pain of the cane! Well done lads!
And well done Mr Milner for getting the annoyed history teacher down to a Tee! A history teacher once gave me 4 of the best. ( for composing, and passing scurrilous doggerel around the class). He had the iconic leather patches on each elbow of his jacket---otherwise, he and Rich are ringers.
Hoping to get the other 3 canings viewed by the end of the week. Happy New Year everyone x

great video

I love the relationship between the four miscreants. Mx. Willow's performance is super. I may be inspired to order a more elaborate custom video after seeing what a great job you did on that.

The four of them did fantastically at gelling and the chemistry plays so well. You know we love filming with Willow and she excelled on this set! I would love to collaborate with you on a more elaborate video, in fact I spy an email in my inbox from you now...

C U Next Friday

I had to look up CUNexTuesday!
A terrific film I laughed at Rosie’s cheeky retorts. Empathised with Willow ‘s woe. A stiffening sight, Blake’s gorgeous arse straddling the horse x What a dream team!

C U Next Friday

I had to look up CUNexTuesday!
A terrific film I laughed at Rosie’s cheeky retorts. Empathised with Willow ‘s woe. A stiffening sight, Blake’s gorgeous arse straddling the horse x What a dream team!

A real epic, superb all the way through and a brilliant climax, all five bums had lovely stripes, and Head Girl Blake the best of all.

Thank you so much. Your long term support of my vision means a lot, and filming this was such a dream. The bums were lovely and stripy by the end! I think there will be even more shots of them in the behind the scenes once they're out.

Will look forward to it. Your caning straddling the horse was the horniest I have ever seen!

Wonderful film

Dear Pandora,

I wanted to tell you that this film was probably the best you have ever done. The story was just so believable for anyone who can remember a less pc world where things like that really did happen. True I was in a boys' only school, and the numbers of strokes were many fewer (maximum more like 4 than 18!), and we were never punished without pants - but something must be allowed for artistic license!

The four younger pupils displayed to perfection the range of attitudes to be found, from "I'm going to pretend I don't care and even tease those who take it more seriously! ... oh well, it does hurt really!" down to "I'm scared stiff and can't help crying!" I suppose the only other approach we might have had depicted would be "I'm crying a lot before it happens ... but when it does happen I'm really brave about it and glad I've done it, it doesn't hurt as much as I had feared!" - somewhere between David and Willow in outlook.

It was also really good that Rosie's attitude - the first referred to above - also included an element of "Although this hurts, I find it so exciting that one day I might want to do this for fun!" Allowing her her fantasy with the Deputy was a real brainwave! I never had anything like that experience because I only found out that people could do it for fun after I had stopped receiving cp in real life. But when I was younger I did wonder "Why do I make up stories about this when I am not in trouble, and yet when it happens in real life I am terrified?" What an opportunity missed!

And then your own extra and unexpected punishment - it would be so easy to say it was incredible - but then it was not a role that _I_ ever experienced - and it was still absolutely consistent with the characters we were presented with, both the prefect's and the Head's! So perhaps it could have occurred like that!

I have not had the chance to see you for a long time (pre-Covid) but I hope I will get to see you again some time! Maybe in 2023!


Ernest, thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely in-depth review of the film.

This is the biggest production film we've done and we poured a lot of love into it. The venue (Whipstock Grange) served as the perfect backdrop.

We did take artistic license with some elements and am glad we still retained enough of the important details to make it believable for you!

I agree that it would've been great to incorporate that type of reaction: with an infinite budget I'm confident we could've done a string of 10+ pupils with all ranges of emotions and still not captured all of the varied and nuanced experiences someone has at the wrong end of the cane.

Rosie's fantasy was great fun wasn't it? It is a funny realisation to come to later in life, something I've been exploring a lot while writing my upcoming book actually.

The hardest part of my own punishment was pretending not to be delighted at the opportunity to be caned by Mistress Lorraine! She was a true delight to work with.

I would love to see you again, please don't hesitate to email me.

Pandora x


Thank you so much!

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