Even Teachers Make Mistakes

Film (9:22) with 39 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, denim shorts lowered, bends over the desk and recieves a caning from Mike Pain

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A slyly subversive riff on the traditional school caning scenario. Headmaster Mr Grimshaw – played by Mike Pain – is brooding in his office over the consequences of foolish leniency – he’s been too soft on his naughty schoolgirls and now one of them seems to have pinched his wallet.

Pandora Blake has picked the wrong day to saunter into his office wearing denim short shorts – a skimpy outfit which violates all the uniform codes. When she tries to object to his reprimands, she promptly earns herself a punishment caning. The Headmaster is quick to increase her punishment to a bare bottom caning when she doesn’t stop answering back.

Six of the best on the bare are duly delivered, as the camera alternates between lingering lovingly on Pandora’s bottom as each stroke blooms across her cheeks, and capturing the play of expressions across her face as the cane makes its mark. This was our first time working with videographer Danielle K, and she has done a wonderful job.

Cradling her well caned bottom, Pandora is finally able to inform the Headmaster that he’s got it all wrong. It seems that even teachers make mistakes. Mr Grimshaw offers to make it up to her – and what happens next, we’ll let you find out for yourself.

Videographer: Danielle K

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25 responses

  1. A wonderful film and well worth the wait.

    Thank you Pandora, Mike and Danielle, you have really livened up a dreary February afternoon

  2. What a great video! Simply love the ending when Pandora suggests to the headmaster that more strokes are needed! That switch from punishment to desire is just so hot.

  3. Absolutely delicious ending! Though of course the whole video was marveously sweet <3

  4. Top 3 sexiest bottoms

    1) pandora blake
    2)pandora blake
    3)pandora blake

    Thank you for all the hard work and excellent service.

  5. P.S. did I mention that I am totally in love with pandora blake?

    4) Pandora Blake….. lol.

  6. Pandora
    What a super caning now you are not making so many films are you still get caned regularly and if not are the canings now extra painful?
    Brave you

  7. Really enjoyed this video. Sexy and funny. You have a gorgeous bottom Pandora especially with stripes on!

  8. The advantage of cold canings! Mike did a great job – they were so accurate 🙂

  9. Thanks so much! Yeah it’s a bit different from the standard schoolgirl/headmaster formula 🙂

  10. I’m definitely not getting caned as often as I used to, and I am more sensitive! But that’s outweighed by really having the desire for it when I do do it – when getting caned a lot it can become a bit tiring, but at the moment it’s a real treat 🙂

  11. I can’t believe I got a comment back. That has made my night/year lol. I hope you are well xx

  12. Not logged in for a while, but you are looking great Pandora! Gorgeous bottom, delicious caning.

  13. Yep nothing like a cold caning to jump start the day! This is a delightful little movie your bottom is amazing at absorbing a caning….just WOW! 😉
    BBJ xx

  14. Fantastic film Pandora and as those have said before I loved the twist at the end. Lovely knickers.

  15. Thank you! It was a fun excuse to do a school caning while out of uniform 🙂

  16. Wow, this is definitely one of my favorites so far! Those marks look amazing. And I was totally squealing at that plot twist! I didn’t see it coming!

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