The Book Thief – Chapter 2

Film (18:34) with 12 screengrabs
Pregnant Eve X spanks Sai Jaiden Lillith on the bare bottom with a book

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In this delicious conclusion to our recent popular release The Book Thief, Eve X gets to turn the tables on their assailant. For a spanking and a stack of free books, Eve says, they won’t need to involve the media and the police – and they aren’t ashamed to weaponise their pregnancy to get sympathy. What choice does Sai have but to go along with their plan for revenge?

Turns out that Sai isn’t very good at playing the part of the accused wrongdoer. Far from humbly apologising as they receive their punishment, they just can’t resist the temptation to talk back – and that bratty, snarky wit earns them an extremely sound spanking, as Eve reaches for a whole variety of books and Sai’s own studded leather belt.

This scene, like its predecessor, is a beautiful microcosm of a real relationship – funny, sexy, and deeply connected.

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The Book Thief – Chapter 2 - Behind the Scenes

This scene was written, directed and shot by its performers – which meant plenty of dancing around trying to get the camera angles right! Sai and Eve are a real-life couple, so they have plenty of practice negotiating with each other already and their connection comes across beautifully on-screen in this little peek backstage.



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Eve X and Sai Jaiden Lillith

Sit down with Sai and Eve for a post-shoot chat about directing spanking porn while in subspace, navigating kink while pregnant, and a few fun stories about their inspiration for the scene. We love showing you the afterglow of filming, and these two are definitely both still in it in this interview!

7 Responses

  1. Great to see this couple enjoying their kink and not letting a little thing like pregnancy get in the way!

  2. what a handsome flighty couple! Eve gets even. I love her saucy smile, her areolas like Oreos.. Her luxuriant muff.. Lucky Jaiden to have such a lovely switch partner.. Lucky Eve too

  3. Eve gets even is a great alternate title for this! Eve uses they/them pronouns 🙂

  4. My apologies. I love their areoles, they are like Oreos. I love the luxury of their wild and dark impressive muff x

  5. They are a joy to watch, and the post scene interview and the behind the scenes video, were icing on the cake.
    These two are a glowing, (both meanings!), example of loving BDSM. Thank you

    1. Their relationship is so gorgeous. Just one of many reasons I love sharing the behind-the-scenes – so you can see the beautiful dynamics that we’re so lucky to capture! So glad you enjoyed.

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