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The Book Thief - Chapter 1

Film (running time 16:34) with gallery of 9 screengrabs
Created 7 Jan 2022, last updated 12 Jan 2022



A heavily pregnant Eve X spots a few things they like in Sai Jaiden Lillith’s bookshop - but winds up accused of theft, strip-searched and soundly spanked against the shelves.

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Tags: bare bottom, edgy, Eve X, film, firm hand spanking, hand spanking, pregnant, queer, Sai Jaiden Lillith, X|X

Sai’s bookshop is their pride and joy - but it’s a slow day today, so when a customer comes in who particularly catches their eye there’s no reason not to sit and idly watch them on the security cameras. It’s one of the perks of the job, right? It comes as a great surprise to them when the customer in question clearly tries to conceal a racy book under their dress - and while so heavily pregnant, too!

When they try to deny it, Sai has no choice but to frisk them for the evidence - which is how the disgraced shopper winds up half-naked, dress around their neck, bent over a bookshelf and humiliatingly exposed. Somehow the book does not emerge, leading a frustrated Sai to spank them mercilessly in an attempt to elicit a confession.

When they hold out, Sai is left with no choice but to admit that they really don’t seem to have the contraband on them - after all, they’ve looked everywhere it could possibly be! At first the customer seems determined to go to the police or the press - but Sai has one last idea that might help them save the business from a blow to its reputation...

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The Book Thief - Behind the Scenes

This scene was written, directed and shot by its performers - which meant plenty of dancing around trying to get the camera angles right! Sai and Eve are a real-life couple, so they have plenty of practice negotiating with each other already and their connection comes across beautifully on-screen in this little peek backstage.

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Eve X and Sai Jaiden Lillith Interview
Eve X, Sai Jaiden Lillith

This is our first time working with this fabulous couple, so we wanted to take the chance to show you some more of them! Sit down with Sai and Eve for a post-shoot chat about directing spanking porn while in subspace, navigating kink while pregnant, and a few fun stories about their inspiration for the scene. We love showing you the afterglow of filming, and these two are definitely both still in it in this clip!

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Lovely energy

I loved the connection between the performers in this scene, the CNC vibes and the control the bottom has over the scene really works for me, I love the idea of taking a punishment where I could stop it at any point by giving in/giving up some information, but choose not to, super hot. And the choice of literature that Eve is spanked with makes me giggle. Fabulous, looking forward to part 2 x

Yes, interrogations are such a great setup for both those reasons - the cnc vibes are so hot and the invisible control is a definite bonus! I loved seeing the titles of books coming off the shelves too, such a joy for literature nerds!

saucy cheeky delight

Eves cheeky face is a delight.. Sai Jaiden is a gentle loving dom. Exquisite chemistry between the two. A fantasy fantasised has sexiness beyond a fantasy realised.. Looking foward to the switcheroo in part 2 xx

I couldn't have said it better myself! Their chemistry reads so well on camera, and just wait until you see part 2 xxx

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