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Sebastian Hawley
London, UK

Young, bisexual, switch, experienced, inked, skaterboy/rock-a-billy type.

As a top, I like sadism and control. Control of any type, especially, but not limited to, orgasm control, breath control, speech restriction, and restraint. Force, verbal aggression, hair pulling, biting, slapping, corporal punishment, humiliation, predicament, and generally just being the evil sadistic bastard that I so lovingly am :) My style leans more toward coercion, subversion and manipulation, rather than brute force.

I have a major Daddy complex, and tend to be more involved and nurturing than my penchant for sadism suggests.

As a sub, I love service, domestic chores, some impact play (not a heavy pain pig, but enjoy a good thumping!) Domme/sub roles, age play, puppy play, medical play, behavior modification, protocol, humiliation and objectification.

I'm working on pushing boundaries in myself, getting past self-censorship and inhibitions. I am a benevolent sadist, far too often ruled by my softer side.

While I say I am a switch, and I truly am, I have, historically, leant mostly towards the top and sadistic side. Also, other than casual 'mucking about', I do not switch with the same person. I prefer to have defined and consistent roles which, in my experience, tend to get blurred with mutual switching.

Right now, I am not looking to top anyone other than those I have a pre-existing connection with. My submissive side has been ignored for too long, and I am actively seeking opportunities to nurture it.

On a broader note, day-to-day I am a pretty laid back lad. I have recently gone back to University to study Medical Science and enjoy cycling, cooking, surfing, hanging with my mates, and traveling whenever I can.

Roles: bottom, top

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