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Sebastian, topless aside from collar and cuffs, holds a paddle behind his head

Meet cute new switch Sebastian Hawley on his first ever spanking shoot, shyly showing off his beautiful celtic inkwork, oh-so-spankable bottom and favourite implements.


You first met Sebastian while out with friends, and plucked up the nerve to ask him for a drink. He’s a bit shy but that cocky, cute smile is so disarming it’s irresistible. You take him to your local pub, and admire the glimpses of his full sleeve inkwork when he takes off his check shirt. He drinks brown ale; you insist on paying. After the second pint you challenge him to a game of pool. He smiles and tells you he’s not very good. You tell him that’s okay, you aren’t either. Secretly, you just want an excuse to watch him bend over the table in those low-slung jeans.

It’s a warm evening in late summer, and soon the temperature is rising. When his t-shirt comes off you can’t stop staring at his ink. Beautifully designed and rich with meaning, they represent an enticing mystery. You want to lay him down and study every inch; get to know him well enough that you know what each one signifies. When you compliment them he nods and smiles, a little bashful – but he knows they’re beautiful, too.

The belt holding those jeans up doesn’t seem to be very effective. As he leans forward to pot a ball you can’t resist teasing him about his “Dirty Fukker” punk rock boxers. As far as you’re concerned they might as well say “Brat”. You can’t help thinking about bending him over the pool table, yanking his jeans the rest of the way down, and teaching him a lesson about dressing immodestly. The thought of smacking his pert rear end through those tight boxers makes you itch to get your hands on him.

To your delight, he keeps his top off as you sit and talk. You find yourself undressing him with your mind, imagining what you’d do with him if you had the pub to yourselves. Those jeans would come down, for a start; and if you had anything to do with it he’d swap those ridiculous boxers for something understated. Maybe some tight CKs in a colour to suit his complexion. You’d bend him over the arm of the sofa and feel his bottom bounce under your palm.

You imagine putting him in collar, cuffs and jock; red and black to match his ink. Once you’d warmed him up, you’d test his obedience with something harsher. With his toned body and Canadian accent a frat paddle springs to mind. You wonder how he’d react when it landed across his taut cheeks; whether he’d yell in shock or hiss through his teeth, cry out or try to hide how much it hurt.

If you had your way, you’d bend him over the billiards table and instruct him to pull down his briefs. You’d paint his bottom red with a long leather tawse. Instructed not to move, he’d hang on to the sides of the table for dear life as you laid stripe after stripe across his offered rear. You’d relish the gasps and grimaces he made as he tried to be brave for you. And afterwards, he’d be yours to play with as you wished…



Sebastian was introduced to us through a friend of a friend on Twitter, and after taking one look at his Fetlife photos and admiring his beautiful inkwork and adorable smile, we couldn’t wait to shoot with him. He brought some of his favourite underwear to this shoot – including some rather naughty boxers and an even naughtier jock strap. The collar and cuffs are his too – as is the wooden paddle, which he described as one of his favourite toys.

Sebastian is a keen kinkster in his private life, and enjoys topping and bottoming with both men and women. He likes power exchange and dominance/submission, preferring to play a protective Daddy role as a top, and enjoying service as a sub.

Until he came to us Sebastian hadn’t had a lot of spanking experience, and the first few swats – even over his boxers – swiftly turned his bottom a deep shade of pink. By the end of his first scene, he was buzzing with endorphins and more than happy to take some more!

For a newbie to spanking video he was a natural, excelling at the improvisation and bravely taking some hard thrashings. We sent him home with a happy smile and a sore bottom, and were pleased to see on Twitter how much he enjoyed the lingering effects of the shoot over the next few days.

We’re delighted to have given Sebastian some positive new experiences, and very much look forward to shooting with him again!


Photography: Tricia Sullivan


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