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My first discovery of kink was an episode of Randall & Hopkirk as a teenager. It was a bit of bondage in a throwaway comedy scene, but it was pretty formative. Bondage and pain play have been a staple of my fantasies ever since, although it wasn't until my twenties that I started actively exploring them.

Since I discovered my local fetish scene, my fantasies have only broadened.

I've learned a lot over the past few years, both in terms of skills and about my own desires and interests. I've always switched, and bondage, pain and power exchange remain constant interests. There's something indefinably hot about someone letting you hurt them until they scream and cry and ask for more, while the catch in the bottom of my stomach as I give up control to someone I trust, knowing they can break me and put me back together again, is amazing.

My play has always had an element of performance, even in private, although fetish clubs and kink parties are some of my favourite ways to spend a Friday night. Naturally I jumped at the chance to get my kink on on camera, particularly when it's for an explicitly inclusive, feminist and ethical company.

Other than a glamour photoshoot a few years ago, which never got published anyway, Dreams of Spanking is my début into porn. I've had – and loved – some pretty heavy spanking sessions in the past, but not that great a number. Bringing in the roleplay made it yet more interesting: when I'm getting beaten I normally tend to take the part of the cooperative submissive, so keeping the role of an indignant student or a bratty young gentleman was an entirely new experience, albeit far from an unpleasant one.

Shooting with Dreams of Spanking was intense and, at times, terrifying, but a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless. Just as I like a lot of my kink to be, really.

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