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Alexander bends naked over a spanking bench

A gorgeous bum in tight boxers? We’re spoiling you! New male spanking performer Alexander Knight strips down, bends over, and shows off a beautiful naked bottom that cries out for a beating.

Meet Alexander, our fantastic new male spanking performer. In this set he strips down from his pristine suit and tie to reveal tight boxers and a firm, spankable behind.

On his first shoot with us, we got some beautiful pictures of his striptease, then made the most of having him bent over a chair and strapped to a spanking bench. Naked and restrained, Alexander shows off his gorgeous bum and looks more than ready for a good hard spanking.


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Introducing Alexander - Behind the Scenes

A few months after our shoot together, Alexander Knight and I sit down and catch up. We explore why we thought his films were particularly well received, the benefits of acting experience on spanking roleplay, and what kind of roles Alexander would be open to playing in the future.


13 Responses

  1. Alexander is really cute. And he does, indeed, have a very spankable bottom. I hope we’ll see him OTK soon getting that perfect bottom spanked long and hard. Thanks and looking forward to what’s next for him.

  2. Isn’t he though 🙂 I think he’s gorgeous and yes, you will see him OTK very soon!

  3. Young, endearing and handsome with a bottom to die for. It’s easy to see the attraction(s).

  4. Very nice, looks as if he could be a bit cheeky too! I see him definitely in the role of a naughty schoolboy in need of punishment from the headmaster, headmistress or head boy in that smart uniform of his:)

  5. I promise you that he DEFINITELY got punished in school uniform on this shoot. Twice in fact!

  6. Thank you! I’ve been really enjoying reading through everyone’s comments; it’s fantastic to hear folk have been enjoying me!

  7. I would love to see that very spankable bottom visitling the house master for a servere dose of the slipper which he gets on the bare. Any chance soon?

  8. Alexander is adorable! Haven’t seen anything new from him in a while. You should get him back over a knee, perhaps having a rectal reading before being spanked for skiving off school!

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