Wonder Woman and Scarlot Fever

Film (13:36) with 21 screengrabs
Alien Scarlot Rose spanks Denali Dink on the bare bottom

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Wonder Woman has always seen Scarlot Fever as merely a minor villain, a bit part in her own heroic story arc. Scarlot herself, though, has other ideas – mostly ideas about tying her adversary to a spanking bench, baring her soft, round bottom and giving her a sound hand spanking. All in the name of intel, of course. Even if she does keep getting distracted by how much fun it is just to make Wonder Woman squirm. What, she can’t enjoy her work?

Even while so compromised, Wonder Woman proves a tough nut to crack. Before long Scarlot is forced to leave off her hand spanking and get out her very favourite info-gathering device: a solid, stinging rubber paddle that packs a hell of a punch.

As with all good superhero films, make sure you hang around once the credits roll – you might stumble across one last little treat!

Preview Gallery

Wonder Woman and Scarlot Fever - Behind the Scenes

We loved getting the chance to shoot in this well-appointed dungeon space, particularly with these two gorgeous performers, and we had a lot of fun exploring a few fantastical scenarios. In this peek backstage you’ll get to watch Denali and Scarlot planning their stories, negotiating their implements and adjusting their bonds – all in a day’s work for a spanking hero.



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Scarlot and Denali End of Shoot Interview

Scarlot and Denali had a long day shooting gorgeous fantasy scenarios with us, so when the last one wrapped Blake got them onto the sofa for a chat! Denali spends a lot of time working on more mainstream sets and relished the opportunity to bring their personal preferences to work, while Scarlot films mostly serious fantasies and intense real life kink so had a great time getting a bit wilder and sillier in some fun cosplay shoots. They also get into their favourite moments, their experiences on the scene and their first kinky memories. It’s a great introduction to these two excellent performers, and a lovely look behind the Dreams of Spanking curtain.

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