The Whipping Boy

Film (21:17 mins) with 60 screengrabs and 18 photos
Jimmy bends over a sofa holding Adele's hand and looking into her eyes as Zoe spanks him

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Governess Miss Montana is at her wit’s end. First her charge fraternises with a servant boy, and now the young lady is going behind her lord father’s back on matters of politics.

Not wanting to make a martyr out of the girl, Miss Montana summons both Adele and her sweetheart Jimmy, the serving boy she grew up with. Adele always had a soft heart, and as children, the best way to punish the young lady was often to whip her friend the serving boy. Now, Miss Montana decides it’s time to reinstate the arrangement.

To save his love from disgrace, Jimmy willingly offers himself in her place. But this will be the hardest thrashing he has ever had to take for her – and the worst of their punishment is yet to come.

The brainchild of real life couple Jimmy and Adele, this historical fantasy explores themes of class inequality, nobility,  personal honour and self-sacrifice. The spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers’ plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy’s face. A deeply personal scenario from two of our most gifted performers.

Click here to read a personal perspective by Jimmy on what this scene means to him, and the experience of letting go enough to cry for the first time on camera. To read Pandora’s blog posts about the story behind this scene, click here and here.

Photography: Fforbes

Preview Gallery

The Whipping Boy - Behind the Scenes

Negotiation, tears, aftercare and lots of bottom rubs behind the scenes during the shooting of ‘The Whipping Boy’. Includes an interview with Adele and Jimmy in which Jimmy (who wrote this scene) talks about why this fantasy is so hot for him, and the experience of crying on camera.



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End of Shoot with Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway

A post-shoot interview in which Pandora Blake talks to Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway all about shooting impromptu spanking scenes, getting the belt from Thomas Cameron, and what it’s like having your boyfriend behind the camera.

Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway

Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway sat down to talk about ‘Her Ladyship’s Breakfast’ – Dreams of Spanking’s first F/M scene, and their first scene together on camera. Hear this real life couple’s perspective on chronic pain, health and disability, their relationship, switching and F/M porn.
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9 Responses

  1. I have to say I enjoyed that. Lucky Jimmy.

    As a switch I like to see guys on the receiving end.

    Thanks all.

  2. Thanks very much! I really like this one, it’s intense and emotional and the performances are fantastic. Jimmy takes his punishment beautifully. Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. When I first heard, as a teenager, of the concept of the whipping boy, it became a fantasy of mine to imagine that I was one, for a pretty but naughty princess who would misbehave in order to get me spanked so that she could watch. (When I was spanked and caned particularly hard she would feel sorry for me and let me get my own back – though of course I would always get caught and be spanked again.) So I could really identify with this scenario, and it was like seeing a fantasy come to life.

    This is one of the most intensely emotional spankings I’ve ever seen – Jimmy is wonderfully vulnerable, and Zoe is splendidly commanding, and spanks and canes with relish, though it’s nice to see from the Behind the Scenes footage that she soothes his bottom with some good rubs and aftercare. Well done to Jimmy, Zoe, Adele and everyone involved.

  4. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for sharing your fantasy, Patrick. The idea of the capricious, sadistic princess who deliberately gets her boy into trouble is just as hot, in a wholly different way, from the gentle-hearted lady who hates to watch but is forced to do so anyway.

    So glad this scene worked for you. I agree that it’s tremendously powerful. The key, I think, is that this is Jimmy’s fantasy. He really let go and the resulting emotional vulnerability is incredible to watch. Thanks for the awesome feedback!

  5. Witnessing that was impossibly beautiful. As a life-long male spanker of women, this cut to the core of the emotional availability that is what it has always been about for me. You have revealed myself to me. I’m grateful to you. “Good work” only begins to say my peace.

  6. I was just able to watch the whole film and it was beautiful. The emotion Jimmy displayed was heart-breaking. He is so very gallant and brave. If a man ever took such a punishment for me, I’d never leave his side. As much as I enjoy seeing men punished in film and story for their deserving deeds, films such as this move my emotions in a non-sensual but equally necessary way. Thank you, Jimmy and Adele and all of you.


  7. It’s so wonderful to Dreams of Spanking back online. DOS is obviously your passion and you have put your heart andd soul into it.
    At last there is a spanking website that produces passionate, sensitive and thought provoking films with great storylines.
    We look forward with eager anticipation to you producing more great spanking films in the future.

    Ake Ake Kia Kaha!
    (Foreever and ever be strong!)

    JohnnyKiwi 88

  8. What an extraordinary comment to receive. Thank you so much – I’m thrilled that our work has affected you in such a profound way, and genuinely touched. This is the sort of feedback every artist hopes for. Thank you.

  9. Thanks so much for this lovely comment. Yes, this story is as much about the feelings as the spanking itself – although for me, the more emotionally intense a scenario, the hotter the spanking is! All three performers were perfect in this film, and I adore how it turned out. As someone who always relates to the bottom when I’m watching a spanking film, I’m much more of a fan of undeserved punishment than deserved ones!

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