A United Front

Film (8:37) with 40 photographs
Preview image for A United Front. Alexander Knight bends over to take the strap from Richard Barton as step mother Molly Malone watches

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Stern father Dr Richard Barton beats young Alexander Knight, as stepmother Molly Malone watches with barely-disguised satisfaction.

In chapters one and two of this Victorian spanking trilogy, we saw Alex being punished by his strict stepmother for his bad behaviour, then saw Molly reprimanded by her husband for taking the domestic discipline into her own hands. Chapter three of this Victorian spanking trilogy brings all the characters together for a very satisfying climax.

Richard and Molly present a united front against the wayward youth, and deliver a chastisement and a belting that he certainly won't forget.

Alexander Knight is suitably contrite and nervous as he bares his bum for Dr Barton to strap. Twelve very hard strokes leave him gasping at the force of the thrashing, and his stepmother is clearly very satisfied that the young man has been given the punishment he deserves.   

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

A United Front - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of A United Front, including scene planning, blocking, essential last minute slurps of tea, cuts to check in on Alexander, advice about counting, pacing and reactions, Molly and Pandora’s glee at the hotness and horribleness of the scene, and Molly’s amazing faces!



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Alexander Knight

A few months after our shoot together, Alexander Knight and I sit down and catch up. We explore why we thought his films were particularly well received, the benefits of acting experience on spanking roleplay, and what kind of roles Alexander would be open to playing in the future.

19 Responses

  1. This is easily my favorite M/M scene and the climax to the series I’ve enjoyed most. I really love the fact that we see Molly as top, bottom and best of all voyeur in the same trilogy.

    When DoS released ‘The Water Fight’, I was a little bit disappointed. Thomas Cameron and Andrew Shada were great, but unfortunately as Pandora had to join Nimue behind the camera, we never got to see her character witness the punishment that she instigated. I remember feeling that the scene probably works better for women and gay men.

    As a straight guy, ‘A United Front’ gets every thing right for me. Dr Barton as the well meaning authoritarian figure, Alex as the “dandified fop” (has any one mentioned that he’s rather handsome ?) and Molly Malone as the self serving step mother, with such a beautiful smirk on her face. Standing at her husband’s side, gazing at her step son, I think she wants Alex (but not Dr Barton) to know exactly how much she is enjoying her self and I’m quite sure that she would want the boy out of the way, regardless of his behavior.

    One thing though, in a patriarchal century, with life expectancy well below what it is now. If Mrs Barton were to out live her husband, I have a feeling that the Barton estate would go to Alexander and then she would find her self having to do what he tells her !

  2. This is by far my favourite so far, however I AM new here. I have A LOT of browsing to do tonight 😉

  3. This is so god damned sexy …….. Alexander is hot and I love how he accepts his punishment. I am not as accepting, even though I am submissive

  4. Alexander is so god damned sexy, and I would love to be spanked by Molly .

  5. I think everyone would luv to be spanked / caned by Molly. She has a very special caning technique indeed as demonstrated in ‘Slight Damage to the Read End’ scene and also ‘Introducing the Cane’ where Molly gives Pandora the most beautiful and precise six of the best at the end of the scene. You can see Pandora in total ecstasy during her submission.

  6. This is a wonderful, wonderful scene. The editing is spliced to absolute perfection with Molly’s priceless facial expressions airing her enjoyment and satisfaction of watching her Stepson take a very hard and precise strapping from the good Doctor Barton.

    Well done to you young Alexander for taking your punishment so brilliantly, your redness portrayed pretty convincingly by the end, just how hard a punishment it was.

    A fantastic finale to this outstanding threequel.

    Big thanks also to the ‘behind the scenes’ crew on location.

  7. Really glad you enjoyed it! This one was SO hot from behind the camera, as you can tell from my somewhat incoherent noises in the behind the scenes video…

  8. Not if Mrs Barton has her own children which would become the legal heirs (which is plan A) or… failing that, if she gets Alexander disinherited!

    Thanks for this affirming comment. Back when I first started publishing male/male films I had a few comments to the effect that for a straight male viewer, having a woman in the scene – even if just as observer – would make it much more watchable. Obviously straight male viewers are not my priority when it comes to my male/male films – I’m primarily making them for me and other women who enjoy watching men spank each other – but it was an idea I was interested to try. Regardless of gender, having a third person in the scene just adds so much more potential for complex power play and psychology, which is what I’m mostly looking for in a spanking scene.

  9. Thanks! I agree that Alexander is totally gorgeous 🙂 Enjoy your browsing, and just shout if you want any recommendations!

  10. Recommendations ??? Hmmm ….. definitely gotta get thinking about that. Poor boy …… LOL. I do like when he is defiant, reminds me of me 😉

  11. I have a thought, how about an interview with Alexander to see how he thinks his first few shoots went and some background from him ??? That would be interesting, just a thought 🙂

  12. Pandora wrote a blog a while back explaining how these behind the scene shoots portray the consensual element in CP play which is something that is very close to her heart and a message she wanted to get across which perhaps may not be obvious when viewing the main scene.

    Of course they are great fun too watching some of the outtakes and other bits, how the scene was put together.

    I have to say having read it (several times), it made absolute sense to me, a newbie to CP role play.

  13. A rather exciting roleplay predicament to be in. I always find the bare bottom scenes more exciting in these supposedly conservative times.

  14. I watched this scene again yesterday with a friend (who was very impressed and loved the out-takes as well) and it struck me, not having watched it for a while, how really fantastic Alex and Molly are in this screen. Molly gets it just right as the evil step-mother who has got all her own way with Alex and is enjoying every moment of it!
    As for Alex, what can I say? A delightful young man, a great actor, looks fantastic in the outfit and, boy, can he take it!
    Wielding a leather belt at that angle and keeping it accurate was quite a challenge and I warned him that the only way I could do it was to just ‘go for it!’ If I tried to ‘pull’ the stroke, I’d end up hitting him at the top of the legs, which would have been awful.
    He accepted it all without a murmur and, as you can see, got twelve really hard cracks with that leather and took it all fantastically.
    I have to say, it is a privilege to work with such a professional and accomplished group of people.
    PS: I have suggested to Pandora that there should be a sequel – the downfall of Mrs. Barton…!

  15. I’ve written a little on my profile page, if that helps? I *think* that if you click my name above this comment it’ll take you there.

    The very short version is that I’ve really enjoyed shooting with DoS, and I’m really enjoying seeing the reaction the shoots are getting!

  16. This was definitely one of the hardest scenes we shot; I felt pretty close to tears from the pain at points. Next time, hopefully! I find getting to cry in this sort of context to be incredibly cathartic (although I’ve only managed it once or twice) and I’d love to be able to share that with the DoS audience.

  17. I love this film and the out-takes were excellent, too, as has been pointed out. If I could offer one piece of constructive criticism, it’s that I would have preferred Molly to have a speaking part and maybe to even be urging the Doctor not to let up in his efforts. Could she even have been deciding on when he stopped the lashes for example? I would love her to have ordered another six but poor Alex might disagree. …….he was brave!

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