Uniform Violation

Film (10:26) with 40 photographs
Preview image for Uniform Violation. Schoolboy Fauni Cate bends over the desk and looks at the cane held by Headmaster Richard Barton

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Dr Richard Barton doesn't understand piercings, or interesting hair styles, or anything that isn't contained within the explicit confines of the school rule book. As trembling sixth form student Fauni Cate awaits a telling off, it's clear that this isn't going to go well for him.

Dressed in school uniform – albeit his own scruffy take on it – queer porn performer Fauni looks every inch the nervous schoolboy. When Dr Barton launches into a strict, sarcastic scolding about his dress code violations, Fauni withers under his gaze.

But there's more to school discipline than a simple telling-off: in this school, at least. Fauni must bend over the desk to take his full punishment. Dr Barton picks up a thin, whippy cane and gives Fauni six cane strokes over his grey school trousers. As the cane cracks across his bottom it's clear that Fauni won't break the rules again in a hurry.

After six of the best, Fauni puts his blazer back on, and shuffles meekly out of the room. Dr Barton twirls the cane in his hands before placing it back on the shelf: confident that the stinging strokes and withering lecture have had just the right impact.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Fauni Cate

In Fauni’s debut porn performer interview, he lets us into what turns him on – a wide variety of things! Fauni describes himself as a queer, subby switch, with a penchant for sadism when he’s indulging his dominant side. Before shooting Fauni’s first ever spanking film, he and Pandora discuss upcoming plots, and the fact that in his first scene – Pride – he’s definitely playing the unfairly punished good guy to Dr Barton’s strict and horrible authority figure.

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