Sweetheart Spanking

Film (19:36) with 51 screengrabs
Denali Dink with legs spread in blue lingerie and breasts exposed, looking lustfully at partner Scarlot Rose in a black sheer robe and nude stockings with her hand on Denali's thigh

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When Denali Dink discovers that her new girlfriend Scarlot Rose has experience with BDSM, she’s immediately curious: what would it feel like to let a partner take control? Scarlot, of course, is only too happy to get the toys out – she’s been hoping this would come up, leaving implements in view, trying to pique Denali’s interest.

Denali is a little cautious at first, a little embarrassed, a little reluctant to share her fantasies. As the scene wears on, though, it’s obvious how into this she is – how long she’s spent imagining it, how many things there are she wants to try. Before long she’s gasping and writhing, yearning and giggling, beautifully displayed in her lingerie and begging for more.

Scarlot slaps Denali’s exposed breasts, paddles her parted thighs, puts her over the knee for her first real spanking. And then she leaves her wanting more – after all, this is just the first time. There’s plenty left to explore…

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Sweetheart Spanking - Behind the Scenes

This is a really beautiful scene; both performers looked amazing, and our camera operators were keen to show all that gorgeous lingerie off to its best advantage. Denali of course is a lot more experienced than the character they were playing, but they thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to be a newbie ingénue type again – particularly in Scarlot’s capable hands.


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