Sunday School

Film (19:16) with 72 screengrabs
Goth girl Becci Belacqua gets a spanking over her tight leggings over Stephen Lewis's knee

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When Becci arrives for her first week at the Sunday School – an accelerated study course that promises huge personal and academic improvements from just a single day of learning – she’s not sure what to expect. Even so, she’s shocked to find herself turned over the teacher’s lap, spanked soundly, humiliated thoroughly and given a neatly-pressed school uniform to wear.

Still, it works. Over the course of the afternoon, much of which is spent sat at an old-fashioned little school desk, she writes essays, does tests, learns what it feels like to be caned, and transforms her manners.

This darkly comedic Pygmalion-esque tale will make you laugh, wince and beg for more. The discipline is strict and the punishments are harsh, and nobody leaves Sunday School quite the same as they arrived.

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Sunday School - Behind the Scenes

It’s all hands on deck this week with a couple of stunt bottoms – Stephen’s wife Kelley May, and our camera operator Kitt, both volunteer to bend over the desk between takes, getting a beautiful set of unexpected stripes to create some convincingly hard audio cane strokes. We also get some pro positioning tips from a special guest star lurking backstage on how to get the best welts out of a caning!

The look on Stephen’s face when he realises this was Becci’s first full-on caning experience is particularly lovely, and this behind the scenes video also includes some brilliant examples of clear, professional scene negotiation.

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6 responses

  1. Welcome to Rebecca! Their expressive eyes and face were born to be in moves of the silent era. The title music reinforces that. I am glad its not a silent movie though because the wit would be lost along with words. At first sight Rebecca appears so vulnerable. They evoked my grandfatherly paternalism. Hearing the maturity their voice allayed my concern immediately. I love the choice of pink flimsy. Rather than the cliched reg navy knickers. Having recently participated in an exquisitively intense switch encounter Rebeccas passionate responses to the cane carries emphatic resonance for me ie. it made me hard.
    The arty exterior sequence made me feel very naughty peeking in like that. And what a bonus it is seeing Kit caned! Congratulationa on a geat film xxxx

  2. Oh Rebecca is amazing, her mannerisms and her backchat. Every thing is perfect

    Her skull knickers are super cool, a wonderful moment when Stephen pulls them down to spank her bare bottom.

  3. I loved Mx. Belacqua’s performance. The caning part was great, and I loved watching them changing clothes too. It somehow (in my mind) really made the power exchange / submission very graphic and real. And I loved the peeping in through the window too.

    The behind-the-scenes part was also great. It is nice to appreciate the amount of work that goes into the video. Although after seeing this elaborate story, I won’t worry about ordering a very complicated custom (:-).

  4. The voyeuristic peeping shot is SO hot! A personal favourite.

    Complicated customs can be very creatively satisfying once I work out the logistics.

    Really happy to have Becci on the cast 🙂

  5. That peeping shot is very hot, isn’t it? I loved getting Kitt on camera, we got the perfect sounds from it. And it’s rare to see Kelley bottoming on camera so that was quite a treat!

    The dynamic between Becci and Stephen was really powerful, and you’re so right about Becci’s apparent vulnerability vs their voice.

    Really happy to hear this brought you pleasure x

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