Spanked and Teased

Film (14.25 mins plus 48 screengrabs
An intimate spanking video starring real life BDSM play partners Charlie J Forrest and Zak Jane Keir. Bound, spanked, and stroked to a thick, hard erection, Charlie is eager and straining for release.

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An intimate spanking video starring real life BDSM play partners Charlie J Forrest and Zak Jane Keir. Bound, spanked, and stroked to a thick, hard erection, Charlie is eager and straining for release.

This spontaneous scene was a spur of the moment thing – it began with a conversation about making porn, and turned swiftly into an impromptu shoot. Erotic writers Zak Jane Keir and Charlie J Forrest are real life BDSM play partners, and after meeting Pandora Blake they were inspired to take the plunge and shoot their first spanking porn together.

Charlie and Zak’s erotic spanking scene gives us an intimate glimpse into their dynamic. They know each other’s bodies and reactions, and experienced dominant Zak uses kisses and caresses to have Charlie eating out of her hand.

Zak takes control with loving dominance. She begins by stripping Charlie naked, showing off his bare bottom – already red after a caning from Pandora earlier that day. Charlie has been on orgasm control for a week, so it doesn’t take long for Zak’s skilled hands to get him hard and straining for release. But he’s not allowed to come yet – and as Zak teases him with whispered words and smacks, we are treated to every twitch and moan of his pleasure and pain.

This unscripted scene flowed effortlessly, without a single cut. Pandora was just a fly on the wall as Zak enjoys Charlie’s body, stroking and spanking him into a state of joyful submission. It’s gorgeous to get a look into their relationship – the experienced older woman dominating a well-dressed, debonair young man as he willingly bends over a footstool for a beating. Zak’s gaze roves over his body, and she tells him how much she loves the way he looks – “your upper body strength … and your pert little bottom that goes all pink.” Now she shows us his other sexy qualities -including a very expressive face, and the ability to stay calm while Zak teasingly slaps his balls with a whip.

These real-life BDSM partners embody loving, nurturing dominance. Circling them with her camera, Pandora captures every intimate detail of their intimacy – Zak’s eyes devouring Charlie as he submits to her, Charlie’s toe-curling pleasure as the heavy strap reddens his bottom, and the simmering looks and tender kisses between them.

Zak is eager to show off how much her submissive can take, telling us that he is “quite a tough customer” as Charlie whimpers under the strap. The erotic tension sizzles as she keeps him on edge – but will his mistress give him the satisfaction of release?

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4 Responses

  1. I reckon this is a great example of loving erotic spanking. I especially love the way Zak alternates sharp spanks with circular motion caresses to Charlies reddening cheeks. That is such a beautiful contrast of tactile sensations for someone when they are being spanked. The contrast becomes even more noticeable when a more intense instrument comes into play like that flexible and slappy paddle. It’s really interesting to see these sensuous interactions between real-life partners, and I appreciate them sharing these intimacies in a film.

  2. Lovely to see real life couples sharing their love of kinky fun a fabulous little insight

  3. Thank you! I so enjoyed filming this scene, Zak and Charlie were very generous in letting me in to witness their intimacy. x

  4. Thank you! Yes, those little details are lovely aren’t they? You sound like you’re speaking as someone who knows how delightful that feels 😉

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