Spanked and Scolded by Auntie Margaret

Film (11:07) with 15 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, sits legs crossed in a tight pencil skirt, holding a hairbrush

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Your mum is away for the weekend, so you're staying at your strict Auntie Margaret's house. You know that she believes in corporal punishment, and deals with your cousins very severely with over the knee hand and hairbrush spanking when they are naughty – and you've seen the marks on their bottoms. Your mum is far less strict, but Auntie Margaret is a dominant woman with traditional values.

Unfortunately, when your mum dropped you off, she told Auntie Margaret what you'd done the night before. Your mum hadn't had time to deal with it, so she's asked Auntie Margaret to punish you instead. Not only did you scratch your mum's car when you took it out last night – you lied about it when she asked you. If there's one thing Auntie Margaret can't abhor, it's lying.

Wearing a vintage white blouse and tight pencil skirt, Auntie Margaret sits you down for a stern talking to, delivering a withering scolding that gives you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realise you are in deep, deep trouble. If there was any doubt remaining about what will happen to you now, she puts it to rest, showing you the wooden hairbrush that she intends to use to spank your bottom, and telling you in exquisite detail exactly how she is going to punish you, and how much it will hurt.

The spankee being addressed in this POV femdom spanking video is deliberately gender neutral so anyone can enjoy it!

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5 responses

  1. Superbly acted and performed. Although it seems to be motivation to scratch a car to me.

  2. Wow what strict, elegant, feminine charm your Auntie Margaret character seems to have Pandora. I can imagine being under her power, feeling submissive and emasculated. I can picture her quietly enjoying that she has power over me. (I’ll have to think about whether I can afford to buy this scene, you’re very tempting Pandora).

    I’m going to be naughty and point out a possible mistake in your description. Is “can’t abhor” something people say or did you mean to say “can’t abide”?

  3. This is by far my favourite scene yet.
    You seem to have read my ultimate fantasy and acted it out superbly!!

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