Spank You Fairy Much

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Faerie Willow has just one job: to make sure all the flowers in the fairy kingdom are whatever colour the Queen wants them to be. Lately, though, she’s been getting ideas above her station. They just look so pretty when she gets to pick her signature hues herself!

Queen Scarlot, alas, is not impressed. She’s grown tired of the chromatic whims of her naughtiest underling, and she has an idea: if Willow likes pink things so much, why not turn her bottom her favourite colour too? For maximum humiliation, she’ll even do it with Willow’s very own wand – a stinging silver fairy star that is bound to leave a mark.

Willow kicks and squirms over the Queen’s lap, pouting and complaining with every stroke. She’s left with a bottom as rosy as the Queen’s flowerbeds by the end of it, glowing bright and hot through her pretty pink fishnets.

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Spank You Fairy Much - Behind the Scenes

Willow always brings a bit of Faerie glitter to set, and this shoot was no exception! Between everyone’s magnificent wings and some highly pigmented “fairy dust” (spoiler alert, it was eyeshadow), our cast and crew were as busy keeping the pink where it’s supposed to be behind the scenes as they were in the film.


7 Responses

    1. It is so beautiful isn’t it? The delicate fairy wings are gorgeous, and the way the light hits them both is almost ethereal. Perfect for a high fantasy film!

  1. It was great seeing Willow getting spanked. Everyone did a wonder job on this video.

  2. Yes, Even better seeing the amazing range of talents of Ms. Willow, from business executive to fairy.

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