Reintroducing Tai Crimson

Film (9.39 Mins) plus 56 photos
Tai Crimson is one cute school girl, treating us to a sexy striptease in her first scene with us since coming out as trans. Featuring an exclusive behind the scenes interview with Tai about her kinks

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Tai Crimson is one cute school girl, treating us to a sexy striptease in her first scene with us since coming out as trans. Featuring an exclusive behind the scenes interview with Tai about her kinks.

In this photo set we’re re-introducing you to queer performer Tai Crimson who, since we shot Houseboy, has come out as a trans girl. She is every inch the picture of innocence here, a cute as a button school girl with a cheeky glint in her eye. With a bite of the lip and a pout of the lips, Tai gives you a slow striptease, revealing her gorgeous body to you  bit by bit – from her her newly developing and beautifully puffy breasts, to her utterly spankable bottom.

The innocence of this tease contrasts with the edgier, darker kinks Tai confides in her behind the scenes interview. She talks about writing her “kink menu”, a comprehensive list of the things she’s into and wants to explore – and gives us some teasers into some of the things we can look forward to seeing on Dreams of Spanking in the near future, including some totally new fetishes that haven’t yet been seen on the site. Pandora and Tai chat about how much Tai needs and wants to be spanked, and how hungry she is for the cane (so much so that, after the Houseboy shoot, she just had to order two dragon canes!).

Tai also talks frankly about transitioning, and how she came to the realisation that the latent thought of “If I could have been born a girl, that would have been great but… oh well” didn’t have to be “oh well”. She’s candid about how the oestrogen she’s been taking makes her feel aroused all the time, and how puffy and sensitive her newly developing breasts are (which Tai notes is perfect for all kinds of yummy breast play). Young, well-spoken and with a rock solid sense of her self-identity, the adorable Tai is a force to be reckoned with – a force we’ll hopefully see much more of in future.

Photographer: Pandora Blake


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Tai Crimson

At the end of a full day’s shooting, Pandora and Tai talk about the scene they’ve just filmed – Caned at Home. Tai is disappointed that she didn’t cry, but she’s happy that her desire for bruises has been fulfilled. They discuss differences between shooting a theatrical feature like Houseboy, and a day of shorter scenes like this one (more kink per hour, to paraphrase Tai). We hear how Pandora felt playing such a mean character, and Tai talking about her lust for tears. There’s some frank discussion about personal kinks, the fetishising of trans bodies and sexuality, and how Pandora and Tai are both working to challenge the stereotypes.

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  1. I’d just stumbled on photos of Alex Reynolds spanking this amazing naughty boy, and I thought hey, this guy has GOT to be in high demand. I mean, WOW! Not only is he genuinely attractive, I’m thinking, but he’s got One of the Best Male Submissive Bottoms I’ve Ever seen. I’m thinking, Where on Earth did they find him?

    Well, now I know. I guess, in a way, he was too good to be a Naughty Boy. But she’s quite a story in herself, and I wish her well. She’d certainly be fun to spank. 😉

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