Punishment by Proxy

Film (18:30 mins) with 75 photographs
Pandora looks anguished while beating Jimmy with the hairbrush

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Jimmy and Pandora are in detention for breaking the six inch rule – again. Since normal methods have failed, their frustrated teacher tries a little aversion therapy, and makes them punish each other.

I wrote this intense fantasy some time ago, and Zoe and Jimmy were my ideal casting for the other two characters.Β It was an edgy, difficult scene to tackle, as it involved Jimmy and I switching with each other for the first time. Neither of us had really topped before at this point, and it was Jimmy’s first ever spanking shoot, so it was a bit nervewracking for both of us!

From an actor’s point of view, this film was amazing. It was hot, intense and so much fun to play out.

The scenario goes, roughly, like this: a young couple are in detention again for breaking the school’s six inch rule. Their teacher has punished them for making out behind the bikesheds, in the broom cupboard and everywhere else countless times – she is sick of the sight of them. She has loads of marking to do, and she honestly doesn’t believe that another spanking from her will teach either of them a lesson.

So she comes up with a new approach. Knowing how fond they are of each other, she instructs each of them to spank the other one in turn. If the spanking is insufficiently severe, she will take over and give the victim a sound over-the-knee spanking that will leave them red and sore. The other will then have to follow suit, and make sure it’s hard enough this time – or the whole process will start all over again.

I ended up going over Jimmy’s knee twice and Zoe’s once, for a fast and painful dose of the hairbrush. By the time it was my turn to spank Jimmy, I knew better than to try and be lenient. But every stroke I dealt him made me wince. I couldn’t bear the knowledge I was hurting him. It was tense and squirmy and horrible, and beneath the character I loved every second of it. I think Jimmy did too!

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here.

Photography: Michael Stamp

Preview Gallery

Punishment by Proxy - Behind the Scenes

After the day’s shooting has ended, Zoe asks Jimmy if he’ d like a final six of the best with the cane to cap off his first day shooting spanking video. He was quick to agree, and seemed to enjoy it as much as Zoe did!

A genuine, unscripted and entirely spontaneous caning for the love of it – and a perfect end to Jimmy’s first ever spanking shoot.

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27 responses

  1. I don’t seem able to download the behind-the-scenes video. File not found error….

  2. Apologies – I thought I’d fixed this but have just tried again. The links should work now, let me know if you’re still having trouble.

  3. I loved that. Probably my favourite scene yet. As a female (spankee), it was an extraordinary experience to watch that – oscillating between identification with Pandora spanking and Jimmy being spanked. Have never had that before! Vital and sensuous and very, very hot…

  4. Wonderful! We like confusing people’s empathy, we do. Glad that Jimmy made an identifiable spankee, that was very much the idea. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  5. Sorry about that, this one has been pesky for some reason. It’s playing for me – try now?

  6. I felt like this whole scene could have been presented as a silent movie. Maybe just a couple of cards to explain “You have to punish each other!” and “If it’s not hard enough, I’ll have to take over!” – and the rest of the story is told completely without the need for dialogue, it’s all in the body language and expressions. Brilliant acting, loved it!

  7. I love to watch Zoe’s commanding, yet strangely laid back topping style, and this clip captured that for me so well. Pandora, your emotions while you spanked Jimmy were particularly compelling, and I loved the way he kept his hand on your calf, reassuring you that it was okay even as he squirmed.

    I think I liked the behind the scenes clip even better. Thanks for that extra treat!

  8. Am I wrong in assuming that the six-inch rule is purely fictional? I assumed it was made up for the Lowewood series, but I’ve learned that the quirks of British public schools are strange and amazing indeed. πŸ™‚

  9. I always thought it was real, if not universal: a bit of googling suggests that most people seem to think the same (e.g. this thread). More of a 1950s thing than a 1980s one though.

  10. Zoe continues to be one of the most natural tops I’ve ever worked with when it comes to producing dialogue and commanding the pace of a scene. So glad I got the chance to shoot more with her during her recent UK trip πŸ™‚

    With the reassuring contact over the knee, I know, wasn’t it adorable? “It’s okay, I’m fine, you aren’t hurting me, I promise – owww!” Mmmmm, squirmsquirmsquirm.

  11. Thankyou! That’s a lovely thing to say. I wasn’t sure how easily the concept would come across – it felt a bit convoluted when I had it written down – so I’m glad to hear that it told itself quite naturally.

    I’d love to take on a silent spanking movie one day. What a filmmaking challenge!

  12. Great chemistry among all the players. Love the anguish of both Pandora and Jimmy when when compelled to spank each other – according to Zoe’s instructions! Zoe is so gorgeous, and quite formidable top! (Actually her other “top” is just as formidable!)

  13. Pandora a very good video ,girl spanks boy and vice versa ,with young Zoe giving big sound spanks to you two ,best spanks,Timx

  14. Love coming back to this film every so often. Such excellent hairbrushing. I do hope Zoe is going to be back at DoS again soon. Her dom work is a treat.

  15. Love the cold indifference of Ms Montana when are two heroes are whacking each other. And her caning of poor Jimmy…….wow, that must have seriously hurt!

  16. Disclaimer: I have Asperger’s syndrome.

    I’ve read a SOUTH KOREAN spanking fiction about this. Two schoolgirls who did serious misdemeanours were told to punish each other with a hard wooden paddle (50x each). It didn’t work, since they smacked each other VERY LIGHTLY before even they were halfway through XD

    I argue that the person who starts first should be VERY careful when setting the level. Too low and the teacher will get angry (this means penalty strokes); too hard and there will be retaliation later on
    Fearful :O

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