The Prefect and the Fag

Film (14:28 mins) with 67 photos
Sebastian is bent over with his underwear down, receiving the tawse

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At an English boarding school the tradition of fagging continues behind closed doors. Senior boy James Holloway abuses his power to make young Sebastian Hawley’s life a misery.

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Photography: Tricia Sullivan

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The Prefect and the Fag - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage from not only our first M/M shoot, but new bottom Sebastian Hawley’s first ever spanking shoot, and Jimmy Holloway’s first time topping on camera.

The boys gave brilliant performances and seemed to have a lot of fun. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at this mini-documentary including behind the scenes footage, out-takes and interviews with Jimmy and Sebastian about the shoot, switching, service, M/M spanking porn and what it was like to work together.


5 Responses

  1. finally male male spanking that is actually classy, and not cringe worthy love the title though in America probably would elicit quite a few jokes. Also love the red bottom gotta give up for nice red bare bottoms ciao

  2. Yes I actually got an email from someone warning me about the offensive meaning of the word in America, which I was aware of but hadn’t really occurred to me. I hope the boarding school context makes sense of it. Really glad you liked this, it’s a personal favourite of mine 🙂

  3. I found this one to be a delight. Jimmy is so good as a top! I would love for him to spank me! Sebastian’s attitude is hilarious but Jimmy gets in a few funnies of his own. When he said, “Relaaax!” I thought I would fall off my chair. Altogether, I loved it.

    Oh, and don’t mind the connotations of the word “fag” in American slang. People get so easily offended over everything these days. “You forgot the pickle on my hamburger! I’m gonna sue you!” Yeah. It’s like that.

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