Please, Mistress – Berlin edition

Film (16:41) with 42 screengrabs
Zak Jane Keir spanks and dominates Charlie Forrest with bondage and orgasm denial in Please May I Come Mistress

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 “This is going to be such fun. My bad boy…”

A gorgeously intimate scene of loving dominance between two real BDSM play partners. In this special Porn Film Festival Berlin edition of our sensual spanking scene between Zak Jane Keir and Charlie J. Forrest, we combine two previous updates – Spanked and Teased and Please May I Come, Mistress, in a brand new edit for the acclaimed international film festival. We get an intimate peek into the relationship of two real BDSM partners as we see their play unfold from beginning to end – including the initial negotiation and behind the scenes interview, spanking and corporal punishment, bondage, cock teasing and orgasm control, these different elements all brought together in a single tightly edited short film.

The strength of the connection between Zak and Charlie – both erotica authors – is evident from the outset. With her hands grasping his hair, she gently reassures him and whispers words of encouragement, before ordering him to strip. Just before he removes his black boxers, she presses a soft kiss to his lips. The light and shadow of Zak’s loving dominance is almost tangible as she – by her own admission a novice at bondage – ties Charlie’s hands to his chest.

Over these moving images of affectionate BDSM, we hear them telling the story of how they met, and how their relationship grew into the femdom dynamic they have today. Both lay out their reasons for wanting to have a go at making porn: Charlie recalls warming to the idea after reading online accounts of how empowering it can be for the performers. Meanwhile, Zak wants to show to the world that older women like her can still be proud of owning their bodies and their sexuality.

Zak takes pleasure in grabbing Charlie’s bare bottom, giving it a few teasing spanks before tying him tighter. I know all your sensitive spots, she tells him, and from the blissed-out look on Charlie’s face you know it to be true. As she plays with his already hard cock, we get some insight into where their play might lead: Charlie (who is polyamorous, as is Zak) reveals that his other domme has had him on orgasm control for a week. Zak takes sadistic delight in his eager erection, teasing him just that little bit more before bending him over a foot stool. With his bare bottom at her mercy, she gives him a sensual spanking that makes his toes curl with pleasure. Whether receiving her hand spanking or a hard beating with a tough-looking strap, Charlie is beautifully responsive to Zak’s touch, and the love and communication flows freely between them.

Craving skin on skin contact, Zak removes her top, taking the intimacy a bit deeper as she works Charlie’s cock until it’s hard enough for her to bind with rope. Straining and desperate, he is lowered to the floor, and surrenders completely to his Mistress. She teases him, denies him and teases him again, bringing him to the very edge and beyond to not one, but finally two gorgeous, powerful orgasms. This film offers an intimate glimpse into a beautiful play dynamic, and will leave you at turns gasping and giggling from the intensity and playfulness.

This award-winning docu-portrait of Zak and Charlie’s BDSM relationship opened the Fetish Porn Shorts programme at the Porn Film Festival Berlin in 2016 and was awarded “Most Tantalising Mature” film at the Feminist Porn Awards 2016. We are very proud to be part of these amazing festivals.


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