Domestic Discipline: Meet Pharaoh and Sha

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A few weeks back, we released a brand new domestic discipline film starring Pharaoh and Sha as part of our Guest Directors series. This is the follow-up to that film: part behind-the scenes footage, part intimate introduction to a real life spanking couple who we hope will work with us on many more occasions to come.

You’ll find out some more about their journey as a real life husband and wife couple, from how they met to how their domestic discipline relationship blossomed. They share with us some of the rules that Sha follows – as well as some of the times she’s been punished for breaking them!

As it happens, one of those times was very recent – and Sha hasn’t received her punishment for it yet. The film ends with a long, hard demonstration of their spanking lifestyle. Sha definitely won’t be leaving the house without her panties on again any time soon…

If you enjoyed our recent real-life domestic discipline film starring Pharaoh and Sha Luciana, you’ll love this behind the scenes look at their IRL relationship – complete with a bare-bottom spanking just for us!

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2 Responses

  1. Fabulous video. Really hot to see a real life couple who thoroughly enjoy the CP buzz as part of their domestic lifestyle. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! It is super interesting to me that Sha isn’t a spanko but is still so obviously finding the spanking gratifying. It’s a fascinating dynamic that I’ve loved to get a peek into through their videos

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