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Film (12:29 mins) with 54 photographs
Amelia is over Pandora's knee, she appears to have just received a spank and looks surprised

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Amelia has just joined a long-con scam, and is a little in awe of the team leader, Pandora. Everything’s going well for the new recruit until she gets a lift to a meetup from her boyfriend one day … and her boss finds out that she’s told her partner about the job.

Pandora is not impressed by this unprofessional breach of security, and she takes Amelia aside for a private chat. When Amelia realises that she has crossed a line, she is horrified. She hastens to reassure Pandora that it won’t happen again. But Pandora explains that she has ways of dealing with this sort of mistake, and if Amelia wants to stay on the team, she has to submit to a spanking.

Amelia is aghast – she’d heard the rumours about that one time with one of her male co-conspirators, but she thought that this was something Pandora only did with … well, with men. But Pandora is adamant, and if Amelia wants to continue on the job she has no choice but to go along with it.

Horribly embarrassed, Amelia goes over Pandora’s knee for a brisk hairbrush spanking, first over her tight pencil skirt, then over her black lacy panties. Amelia grits her teeth and hides her blushing face as her bottom turns an even deeper shade of pink.

Photography: Hywel Phillips

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24 responses

  1. I love this, one of my favorite things is willing cooperative spankees, and then I love just about anything Amelia does.

    I do wish you would use a real hairbrush.

    I know that this would require more cameras and camera operators, but it would be great if the camera could be on the face of the person talking. It is sometimes hard for this (western) American to understand your English.

    I think the bright window conflicts with the light meter.

    But in any case this one (the only one I’ve watched) gets a 10.


  2. The expansion of equipment has always been dependent on the hobby turning into a business. Now that we’re starting to see return, the plan is to invest as much as possible beyond basic living stipend back into camera / light /sound equipment, and more ambitious shooting arrangements. So hopefully we’ll be able to raise the bar fairly steadily 🙂

    One query; what’s wrong with the Mason & Pearson? It’s a milder brush than a wooden one, but having wielded it a number of times it definitely gets the girls’ attention!

  3. I think the bar is pretty good already.

    Mason & Pearson. Sounds expensive, but it looks like the ones you can buy for a few dollars in drug stores, Walmart etc. But what I don’t care for is the sound, plus it’s just not tradional to me. It’s not about more pain, it’s the technique, not the toy.

    If when using a nice wooden or celluloid brush if you do a little wrist snap at the end it’s more stingy than thudy. I’m probably not discribing this well.


  4. I’m perfectly happy to work to improve my spanking technique. I understand that practice makes perfect…?

  5. Maybe what Bacchus means is that it is hard to imagine that an apparently small brush which fits into a handbag will be as effective as that one obviously is!

    This was a very exciting film. I liked Amelia’s expressions! (And the marks on her bottom!)


  6. Thankyou Ernest, I’m really glad you liked this one! I admit I found it quite exciting to watch while I was editing as well – Amelia suffers so beautifully, and her bottom does go wonderfully pink in this 🙂

  7. The padded hairbrush just does not work. The muffled sound it produces does not work..
    Better no hairbrush..

  8. I watched this video before reading the description. I think it’s better that way. At the start we had Pandora sounding friendly and even apologetic about having to spank her new recruit with a hairbrush (what was this “team” doing, anyway – were they some branch of the security services carrying out some covert surveillance?) But gradually Pandora lets slip more details about what’s going on and it’s clear that she’s actually a rather hard-edged character: she’s an ex-convict and some kind of financial fraud seems to be planned. Has Amelia been recruited to set up a fake website? You can’t help feeling that poor Amelia really doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. The feeling of menace builds. Very Pinteresque!

    Oh yes, and watching Amelia getting spanked was fun too!

  9. Hi Eileen, not sure where you’re getting the “padded” thing from – it’s hard plastic, and very painful! But I see what you mean about the sound and will try to use implements which create a better effect in future. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  10. Oh, I like this! Glad you enjoyed the slow reveal. I felt like the plot was complex enough to require explaining but perhaps leaving it ambiguous would work better. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. For me this is a really great little film. I was a little surprised to read some of the comments about the Mason and Pearson brush being inferior. For the sort of medium paced spanking Pandora gives Amelia here it seemed just right to bring a nice rosy glow by the end but without any evidence of heavy bruising, which would have been out of kilter with the scene. I know Amelia is very experienced as a spankee but her yelps suggested that enough sting was getting through, notwithstanding that she is of course well versed in acting out reactions too. Just a final point I thought some of the camera angles were great, especially when we are to the right of Pandora seeing Amelia’s facial reactions and looking left to the action.

  12. Thanks Yianni! That’s a camera angle we’ve used a few times since then, I love being able to see the hand rise and fall in the background of a face shot.

    I don’t think I’ve filmed using the Mason & Pearson since uploading this scene – every time I published a film using it, I got negative comments. Which is a shame, because it’s a beautiful, expensive brush which was a gift from a client, it definitely hurts enough to make the point, and I actually really love being spanked with it.

  13. Pandora, feel free to make use of this lovely instrument again anytime as far as I’m concerned. It’s got sharpness and subtlety combined.

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