Turn That Music Down!

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Preview image for Turn That Music Down. Fauni Cate gets a bare bottom spanking over Richard Barton's knee

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In this domestic punishment video, Fauni Cate plays a rebellious young metalhead who loves loud music. He think he's on his way out to a gig, but Dr Richard Barton has other ideas. Sick and tired of putting up with banging beats enamating from Fauni's bedroom at all times of the day and night, he has also received multiple noise complaints from the neighbours – and he's just run out of patience. He storms off and drags Fauni downstairs for a blistering telling-off that almost rivals his taste in music in intensity. 

Despite Fauni's protestations – as this young man considers his gig to be far more important – Dr Barton wastes no time in ordering Fauni to drop his trousers and come over his knee for a firm hand spanking to teach him to be more respectful of others in future. Fauni's tough outward appearance quickly dissolves as he feels the sting of Dr Barton's hard hand, and before long he's begging and pleading for forgiveness. But Dr Barton has built up quite a head of steam – and he isn't about to let Fauni off so easily.

Spanks rain down long and hard on Fauni's poor bottom, lifted high up in the air over Dr Barton's sturdy lap, with his legs dangling. Before long he can't help starting to whimper and kick his legs – although with big rocker boots on his feet, that might not be the wisest course of action.

Dr Barton ensures that Fauni's underpants are pulled down, and the boy held firmly over his lap for a thorough hand spanking on the bare bottom until his cheeks are glowing hot and pink. Only when Fauni is dangling helplessly over the knee, and has apologised profusely, does he relent and let the boy go – with firm instructions to have more concern for the feelings of others, and use a pair of headphones.

A short, sharp and to-the-point male/male spanking scene with wall to wall hard spanking expertly administered by Dr Barton.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Fauni Cate

In Fauni’s debut porn performer interview, he lets us into what turns him on – a wide variety of things! Fauni describes himself as a queer, subby switch, with a penchant for sadism when he’s indulging his dominant side. Before shooting Fauni’s first ever spanking film, he and Pandora discuss upcoming plots, and the fact that in his first scene – Pride – he’s definitely playing the unfairly punished good guy to Dr Barton’s strict and horrible authority figure.

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