Momma Sha Spanking

Film (7:57 mins) with 6 screengrabs
Cleo is over Sha's knee with her pants down for a bare bottom spanking

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In this latest addition to our Guest Directors series, little Cleo is in big trouble – and this time, Momma Sha won’t be taking any of her excuses. She might wriggle and protest, but it’s high time she got the OTK spanking that’s coming to her. When it turns out Cleo isn’t even wearing underwear, the punishment really begins to escalate…

This is the first time we’ve published a film in which Sha is giving the spanking rather than receiving it, and it turns out she’s just as fabulous on this side of the belt. By the end, Cleo’s bottom is a stinging red – much like her face, now that her naughtiness has been exposed

Little Cleo Divine hasn’t been making her grades, and Momma Sha Luciana knows just what she needs – a long, firm over the knee spanking on her bare backside.

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4 Responses

  1. Now that was good. Camera work a little shaky but altogether a nice little scene. Well done Cleo, that belt must have stung. I hope there is more coming err so to speak.

  2. Yeah that belting was pretty intense, wasn’t it?! Well done Cleo indeed. I’m really thrilled to be able to feature her on Dreams of Spanking, even though we sadly can’t get together in person x

  3. Really loved that the continual scolding on top of the spanking and Belt and sha really knows how to get the best out of the belt.

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