Her Married Sister

Film (8:23) with 40 photographs
Preview image for Her Married Sister. Maddy Marks is over Christy Cutie's lap, her skirt is pulled up and she is being spanked on her bare bottom

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It's so humiliating to be spanked by your little sister. Maddy Marks protests – “this is so unfair!” – as Christy Cutie takes her over the knee for a hand spanking.

This vintage spanking film is set in the 1950s, and household status is dictated by traditional, old-fashioned values. Now that she's married Christy has greater domestic authority, and she's determined to show her older sister Maddy that the roles have been reversed. 

She orders to Maddy to get over her knee for punishment, and even pulls down her sister's knickers for a bare bottom spanking. Christy's arrogance knows no bounds as she mocks poor Maddy for her spinster status, and berates her for not doing her duty. Maddy can protest all she likes, but she knows that the rest of the family will be on Christy's side, and there's no way for her to avoid a humiliating spanking on her bare bottom.

As Maddy cries out in pain and frustration, her younger sister smiles in satisfaction. And after Christy brings out the wooden hairbrush, she will be fully established in her new role as the superior sister.

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks

An opportunity to get to know top LA spanking stars and genuine lifestyle CP enthusiasts Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks a little better. Find out about Christy’s earliest fantasies, the kinds of spanking Maddy likes, both girl’s real-life discipline relationships, their friendship, their feelings about switching and more!

11 Responses

  1. Lovely little Christy is giving her sister big spanks ,very nice ,best spanks from ,Timx

  2. Really excellent hand and – especially – hairbrush spanking. I love the way Christy builds up to proper spanks with a rapid fire flurry every so often. It’s like building up the momentum by revving up. Have to say Christy’s decision that she now rules the roost absolutely begs for a revenge spanking from Maddy.

    One particular point that I found really noticeable in this film was the sound. The relative balance between hard and soft objects in a room of course has a marked effect on the level of sound reverberation. The room for this scene looks to contain quite hard items of furniture and non-papered wall(s). I found the level of reverb really noticeable and it enhanced the sound of the spanking no end for me. Especially the hairbrush spanking; the sound really cracks. Beautiful.

  3. Loved the costumes, the plot line and the execution by two very plausiblle bratty sisters. The sound of the spanking was certainly greatly enhanced by the acoustic quality of the room.

    I, too, feel that this is begging for a sequel or an older family member intervening in order to put Christy in her place.

    Well done to all involed.

    M xx

  4. Ha, thank you. I’m glad the echoing chamber worked for you – personally I was swearing over it in the edit, thinking how unprofessional it sounded! So if it enhanced the spanking from your point of view, that is all good and I’ll stop worrying 🙂

  5. I’ll definitely bear in mind the idea of a sequel next time I have the chance to film with Christy!

  6. I really, really like that! Can’t watch her for more than two seconds before seeking the company of my wife, similarly lavish and fabulous! A large bottom, not to be spanked, but easily otherwise pleased. So much of it, so much pleasure!

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