Marital Discipline

Film (19:47 mins) with 65 photographs
Dana spanks Michael who is over her knee in a pink onesie with his bottom bare

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Frustrated with Mike’s behaviour despite regular discipline, Dana initiates a little regression. Freshly spanked, bathed and shaved baby smooth, her bratty husband is transformed into a good little boy.

When I sat down with Mike before our shoot to discuss scene ideas and asked him if he had any particular fantasies he’d like to explore, he confessed that he didn’t often fantasise about spanking: age play was much more his thing. I’ve become increasingly interested in the psychology of age play lately, and “little boy/girl” and child/parent roleplay definitely has a place within my kink. It’s also very compatible with spanking and discipline, and I’ve already published a couple of “little girl” photosets on this site.

Of course, one has to be very careful to make it clear that age play is exactly that – roleplay. I thought it might be fun to make that explicit by introducing an age play/regression dynamic into a consensual adult discipline scenario. Mike provided the adorable pink dropseat jammies he wears here, and gamely volunteered to be shaved in order to make the transformation more dramatic. Other than that, I gave Dana and Mike the freedom to take the scene where they would. And boy, did they run with it.

I am in love with so many aspects of this scene: from the playful, affectionate, sexy flirtation between husband and wife which seamlessly integrates with the discipline dynamic; to the mutual trust and respect between both the performers and the characters, and the intimacy of the the bathtub sequence. I have a dozen favourite moments but the absolute best ones were all unscripted.

I believe that most CP enthusiasts will find something to enjoy in this scene. The sexual chemistry is sizzling, the roleplay is convincing, warm and funny. Mike is extremely easy on the eye, and I defy the ladies not to be won over by his dazzling blue eyes and transformation from gorgeous, neatly bearded man to adorable, babyfaced little boy. Dana is smoking hot, teasing and playful with a hard hand and unquestionable authority.

Even if F/M isn’t usually your thing, give this one a try: it might surprise you.

Photography: Tricia Sullivan

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here.

Preview Gallery

Marital Discipline - Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes during the filming of ‘Marital Discipline’. Mike and Dana talk nipple piercings, the difficulty of shuffling with your pants round your ankles, and how long it was since he was last clean shaven. Includes some in-character dialogue and a first take of the ending not used in the final movie.



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Dane Kane and Michael Darling

At the end of Michael and Dana’s first shoot together, Pandora chats to them about how they feel about working for Dreams of Spanking and working with each other. Michael shows off his marked bottom, Dana admires his underpants and they discuss their favourite scene.

Michael Darling

Halfway through Michael’s first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thought of the scenes filmed so far.
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21 Responses

  1. Thanks so much! I’ve just bookmarked your blog, nice to meet an F/M enthusiast 🙂

  2. I just love how well the scene flows, it’s like I am peeping in on Mike and Dane really good job. Also on a side note love the way Mikes bottom gets those little spanking blemishes adds a very nice touch to the drop seat Pajamas he dons. Your site is well done major props to you and everyone involved ciao.

  3. Thankyou so much, I’m really glad you like the site. Aren’t Dana and Mike great in this? Such excellent roleplayers. I loved the blotchy red bottom rising out of the cute pink jammies too 🙂

  4. hotttt!

    ….I don’t recall seeing a sexy-hot FM scene quite like that, let alone drop seat PJ’s thrown into the mix as well ^_^

    cherry red report

  5. I thought you’d like this one! Isn’t it awesome to see a two gorgeous individuals having so much fun together? I thought the shaving was pretty awesome as well, but Mike’s bottom in those PJs is definitely the star of the show 😉

  6. Mike is a yummy boy, please please please more material with him in it~! c: <3

  7. I agree, he’s adorable and I love his bubble butt! We’ve got two more scenes waiting to go up, and I’m very keen to shoot with him again this summer 🙂

  8. Thanks very much! I have to agree, Dana is an amazing video top, so much beauty and presence… and a lovely person too 🙂

  9. Dana and Mike are terrific in all of these, but this is my favorite. What tremendous chemistry! And Mike is so cute clean-shaven!

  10. Mike has a bum made to be soundly spanked and Dana smacks it well. I loved the playfulness of the clip. Would love to see more in this vein.

    Additionally, I think Dana and Mike should be visited by Mike’s mother and father who give Dana a few pointers through demonstration on how to smack a naughty boy’s bum. Three spankings should fill his eyes with tears.

  11. Oh thankyou, so pleased you like this! I wish I could have watched it with you. This is my favourite too… in fact it’s become my go-to scene to show to women who claim they don’t like /M spanking 😉

  12. Oh, hot scene idea! Hrm… I wonder who I could cast. I’ll think on it 🙂

    I love the playfulness in this scene too – here’s to more affectionate, loving F/M!

  13. Isn’t she perfect? I hope I get to work with her again before too long.

  14. My wife gave me my first bare bottomed spanking on our wedding night and has been spanking me ever since.

  15. I would love to be able to spank his bare bottom that way for a while

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