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Preview image for Introducing Lola. Lola Marie sits on the rug, wearing nothing but rainbow striped socks.

Meet our newest performer Lola Marie as she reveals her stunning body in this naughty striptease, pointing her toes in long rainbow socks, and bending over to show off her supremely spankable bottom!

Photography: Tyler Gray


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  1. I think my jaw might have dropped a couple of times while I was behind the camera directing this photo set!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lola was a treat to work with and I think you’ll love her videos. 🙂

  3. Incredibly sexy, and ugh, just look at that gorgeous bottom. Is Miss Lola a bottom, a Top, Switch? Will we get the honor of seeing her spanked over your lap Miss Pandora? Her chocolate skin will look so nice with some hints of cherry red. Cherry chocolate is a personal favorite.

  4. Appreciate the nice comments guys and gals! 🙂

    Much more of me to come xx

  5. Lola is a switch but I didn’t discover this until our end-of-shoot interview! On this first shoot she just played a bottom role. Both Tom and I spanked her, although thinking back I think Tom was the only one who took her OTK. There are some previews of the spanking scenes we shot with Lola here 🙂

  6. Oh my! I am absolutely in love with her dressed as a schoolgirl, and those glasses!! Aww, thank you Pandora, for sharing…its so wonderful to see another member of the team. Makes me want to write all little scenes involving you ladies and gents.

  7. *fans self*

    *torn between admiration and sock-envy*

    *embraces the power of “and”* 🙂

  8. Hello , Lola Marie. Im a huge fan of yours , you are one of the most amazing spanking models. I love when girls get spanked , I love black girls , and especially I love when black girls get spanked 🙂
    Have a lot of videos with you.
    Would like to see you get birched , with a single rod , with that amazing sound of the implement swinging.
    Hope to meet you in real life , someday.
    Sincerely yours , Alex.

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