Leaving Day

Film (18:14) with 48 screengrabs
Preview image for Leaving Day. Schoolgirl Adele Haze bends over the desk to receive a caning from teacher Pandora Blake as schoolgirl Irelynn Logeen watches

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After their end-of-year assembly Irelynn and Adele are summoned by their head of year. Someone spiked the punch at the Leavers' Ball, but which of them was it? Either way, it's a caning offence for sure.

It's the last day of summer term, and the end of Irelynn and Adele's school career. After the end of term assembly, their head of year calls them back for one last interview to discuss what happened at the sixth form Leaver's Ball. It seems that someone spiked the punch, and these two are the likely suspects. But which of them was it? And will either of them admit to it?

There's no time for detention now: this is a caning offence for sure. For their classmates, the summer holiday has already started, but rather than hugging their friends goodbye, Irelynn and Adele will spend their last moments at the school in an all-too-familiar position: bent over the gym horse for a final farewell whacking. 

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Leaving Day - Behind the Scenes

Getting ready to shoot has a lot of steps involved, from checking in with the performers about the scene to adjusting the lighting to making sure the camera is rolling! Behind the scenes on Leaving Day is no exception as Pandora Blake sets up to shoot with Irelynn Logeen and Adele Haze. They discuss if it’s more appropriate for the teacher to remove a student’s panties or if she should do it herself, and if “stand in the corner” also means face the wall. The performers dissolve into giggles after the camera calls cut – a sign of a shoot well done!

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35 responses

  1. A well orchestrated film with a very real scenario. The canings are very well administrated. Well perhaps too well. Pandora with this specs and wearing this tight pencil skirt… makes tempting to take the cane from her. Really a dangerous temptation!!!

  2. A beautiful traditional English classroom location is the perfect setting for a final end-of-term caning for these two beautiful students in their pristine uniforms by the most beautiful, exquisite & strict head-of-year school mistress……..I luv the way the girls giggle just like schoolgirls would when reminded of their school term jolly japes……..

    How apt to have a gym horse ready for those two lucky students to mount in order to take what can only be described as the most perfect, hard, precise caning action delivery by Mistress Pandora, those cane strokes are definitely going to be felt physically by Adele and Irelynn and emotionally by Mistress Pandora who must be on a absolute high after punishment has been completed.

    This is a beautifully performed scene by all players………a perfect Christmas present for all Dreams of Spanking members. I hope the flood-gates open on 23rd Dec………because if the world forgets to descend on Pandora’s amazing dream, then they are going to miss out big time…………..

    Thank you so much and once again, well done to cast, crew, writers, techies, producers, directors…and everybody else……this has made MY Christmas extra special…….xxx

  3. Nimue…….the camera and filming work is superb (multi-angles, zooms, cutaways, framing). I think it’s really easy to forget at times some of the important behind-the-scenes folk who are helping shape the whole session. You are quite the resident Ms Spielberg……….really excellent stuff………I bet you make Pandora’s editing job a dream giving her so much fantastic footage to work with………..xxx

  4. Two giggley miscreants brought to their senses by a firm but fair disciplinarian. Well done Pandora and Nimue on this endearing little film. Pandora, your outfit is superb, smart and business-like, which supports the character style you’re portraying.

    Adele and Irelynn are great together each feigning disbelief at the other’s action – I bet they secretly know that both spiked the drinks! I wonder if this film was done a while ago because the news that Irelynn ceased making spanking films was out quite a while ago. But she keeps popping up. I wonder whether you have any more in the pipeline to release (hopes). An otk session would be marvellous.

  5. I love the way that Pandora’s character makes no attempt to hide her amusement over the punch incident but still gives Adele and Irelynn a really good whacking.

  6. Ah yeah this is a really good point……”I’m not laughing girls”………well only a little maybe……but that’s not going to stop me having my fun in caning hard both your bottoms……….perfect

  7. I’m glad that you agree John but when I use the words “good”, “really” and “whacking”, of course it was nothing like what Nimue has planned for you in January. I don’t think that saying nice things about her camera work is really going to help you.

  8. Crikey…does everybody know about the planned session with Nimue in Jan? Seems like it…..yes, could be a painful and yet sensational session (I guess only Nimue knows).

    My comments regarding her camera work are absolutely genuine…..nothing to try and get out of a good whacking myself……

  9. And you thought that John Codders was not mentioned at the Dreams of Spanking Christmas Party ?!!? Seriously though, I met Nimue for the first time on Monday and she is as lovely and interesting as I expected.

  10. I’m not sure the head of sixth form would appreciate that! Glad you enjoyed the film, we had a lot of fun making it 🙂

  11. Thank you! I suspect the school mistress was more pissed off with having her afternoon off taken over by misbehaving brats than anything else. Pandora the actress was certainly on a high afterwards though. I seem to remember heading off that evening to AJ’s birthday party and telling everyone all about how much fun we’d had. In fact I think that might have been one of the chats that got AJ interested in working for me!

    Hope you have a fab Christmas John 🙂 x

  12. Yeah, I kind of totally failed at the straight face in this one! But I figure the idea of administering punishment to students who have, to all extents and purposes, already left the school, and the summer hols already started, might possibly provoke a more informal atmosphere than a standard detention. 😉 I was aiming to talk to them less as schoolgirls, more like the university students they were about to become – who should therefore have known better!

  13. Thanks you Pandora, and hope you have an absolutely fantastic Christmas and New Year too.

    I hope you get the time to relax a bit and toast all your successes in 2013…looking forward to 2014…..the official year of the spanked bottom……I could have made that up !!!!!!!!!

  14. Well yes I’m absolutely looking forward to the session with Nimue in Jan which hopefully will be set in concrete just within the New Year when she gets herself straightened out after her move n things.

    Of course I blame it on Pandora in the nicest possible way for giving me this now craving of having my bottom chastised after the London session……….I haven’t stopped thinking about it so perhaps a good beating from Nimue will help get it out of my system……….

    Having said that, I think all you fine people here know more about my session at the present time than I do…….any tips you may have…….please fire them through………..thanks.

  15. I had such good fun shooting this clip! And funnily enough, while I have known Adele for quite a few years this was the first time I have ever been in a scene with her, which made it extra special for me.

  16. Irelynn…..thanks so much for talking part in this scene….you look incredibly vulnerably gorgeous under Pandora’s perfect cane. Your bottom is a picture of perfection.

    I hope it was as excellent and wonderful for you as it is for all us Dreams members who are soooooooo enjoying your performance alongside Adele…………..

    The whole scene is very special indeed.

    Well have a great Christmas and New Year.

    Best wishes……..and be safe.

  17. Well I really enjoyed being on the receiving end of Pandora’s cane, but don’t tell anybody I said that. 😉

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  18. Pandora – well you certainly saved the best till last. This is my personal favourite film of 2013. Wonderful performances by all three of you. 10/10!

  19. New member, my first post.

    Happy birthday, DoS! Thanks for making content free today, promise to pay for some in the New Year.

    Loved this film. Well deserved canings expertly administered but what stands out is the quality of the filming and acting and the lightness of touch – the participants clearly had fun making it.

    The expressions on Irelynn’s face as she receives and counts her strokes are exquisite and I hope she will reappear in the future. Pandora makes a superb headmistress and Adele is excellent too. Full marks (if you will excuse the pun!) to you all.

  20. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Patrick, I’m delighted that you’ve taken part in helping us celebrate our birthday 🙂

    This was definitely a fun scene – I’m looking forward to releasing the behind the scenes. Adele was on fine form with her snark and expressive looks, and Irelynn took one hell of a caning with minimal fuss. I was impressed!

  21. lovely movie great schoolgirls and a brilliant thrashing from teachers cane!

  22. To me, watching a woman bare her bottom and submissively get into position to get spanked is the hottest part of the scene.

  23. Lovely to see Adele again, you and her have great chemistry in this scene and the way you handle that cane – wow!.

  24. Thank you very much! Adele and Irelynn both make fantastic schoolgirls. Even though we are all more or less the same age they play the role so well, and look adorable in their uniforms. Plus they are both shorter than me, which helps!

  25. Ooooh, interesting! I know what you mean though. Sometimes the anticipation, the build up, is the hottest thing about a spanking scene. The excitement is all about knowing what’s coming next…

  26. Thanks Seamus! I’m lucky to have got a lot of opportunities to practice this year 🙂

  27. Hi, Pandora

    Ah, the schoolgirl caning, that mainstay of the UK spanko porn business. If any of the participants looks back in 10 years’ time, will this movie stand out as a career highlight? I doubt it. And yet …

    This is wonderfull stuff, “feelgood porn”, lovely to watch and so obviously a fun experience for the enthusiasts who made it. I feel a little bit sorry for the victims (poor sweet babies) because those pretty marks must have been a bit sore.

    And what a surprise to see Irelynn come out of retirement. I first met her in 2011, and I knew she was visiting you and Adele on a shooting day in July. Indeed, I escorted her from Euston to the venue, and I got to meet Adele & Nimue, albeit very briefly. But I DIDN’T know you’d be releasing a film with her in it …

    I asked her afterwards how the day had been for her. She wasn’t very forthcoming, but hinted that there would be a surprise for me. Then, in late September, she puzzled me by saying “Pandora sent me an email this morning regarding the scene we shot for her website”. I didn’t press her to clarify, thinking she might have a bit part, perhaps like her non-spanking cameo in Northern’s “Strictly Come Spanking”.

    I came across “Leaving Day” in the final hours of 2013. An amazing year for me, to which both you and she contributed greatly. Irelynn’s comeback may be over – I thought the prospect so unlikely that I never seriously considered suggesting it to her. But think about the Pandora of 2 years ago. Private 1-2-1 sessions? Never !

    I eagerly await the behind-the-scenes footage.

    James M

  28. This was filmed last summer, as a one-off. It’s not impossible Irelynn might be back at some point in the future, since she’s made one exception already (and I’d be delighted to have her back) but we have no plans to shoot again together at the current time.

  29. Hello Pandora,
    what a great scenario! Why not repeat it with errant schoolboys? Two sixth formers getting the cane for cheekiness, administered by the form mistress, would make a perfect scene!

  30. I just loved their expressions of anguish, especially Irelynn’s! And the marked bottoms were great too!

  31. Not half as much as I enjoyed watching you on the receiving end! And you look very cute in the pleated gymslip

  32. Very pretty little Irelynn with young Adele have big whacks from your swishy cane very nice ,very good video ,love and spanks Tim x

  33. Yes this point niggled all the time I was watching the movie but as I now find it hard to catch all the dialogue I assumed I was missing something that would elucidate the point: just what motivated the two girls to put up with it.

    As you say, they had to all intents and purposes left the school. Unless the school still had some hold on them the episode presents as consensual play.

    But were you really trying for a straight face? Had you not told us I would not have thought so. Arguably, the Gilbert-and-Sullivan-like quirkiness is requisite and that might not have been realised but for the happy accident of your not quite straight face complementing the girls’ gleeful ones..

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