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A Yuletide Birching

Film (running time 14:03) with 18 before and after photos
Created 22 Dec 2011 , updated 23 Feb 2022



Tags: asked for, barefoot, birch, CMNF, collar, consensual, cornertime, dominance|submission, film, hard punishment, kissing, M|F, M|X, nude spankee, Pandora Blake, Pandora's bedroom, photogallery, positive, real life, romantic, Thomas Cameron, Thomas Cameron (tog), welts

Pandora has been given a scary-looking birch bundle for Christmas. She decides to take it with her when she visits Tom, and submit to a new, painful and very memorable form of punishment.

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Photography: Thomas Cameron



Given that I caused a techalanche in the middle of making that, the end product is lovely!

Pandora you do suffer for your art.

I say this is simply splendid. Loved the close ups, and the nudity, and while it can be intense for the spankee, the no-fooling-around-with-a-warmup. (Starts on the bare ass etc.)

What is a "techalanche?" It all looked good to me.

Thank you Much

Yay, glad you liked it! This was a lot of fun to make and I'm pleased that the candid style and single camera angle didn't diminish the overall effect. I still have the birch (less a couple of inches off two of the rods) and very much hope for a repeat in character at some point... I'm not sure I have the budget for the full Lady Jane Grey experience but something along those lines would be literally a fantasy come true :)

Pandora - you still have the birch, less a couple of inches broken off two of the rods? I don't know, you get a new Christmas toy and it's broken before the new year. I should take it back to the manufacturer - it should still be under warranty :-)
Awesome footage and beautiful photos - compliments to both performers!

I know, shocking, right? It should have gone straight in the bin! ;)

Merry Christmas John, hope you're having a good one! Very pleased you like enjoyed the video :)

Thank you :)

First off, thanks for the compliments on the photography. I'm very much a learner at that, and have felt I was improving; nice to hear people like it!

Avalanche of technology: the silly word is because during filming I managed to knock the camera off its perch, which was rather worrying.

A Work Of Art.

Dear Pandora,

This is just magnificent!

I love the fact that you are completely naked during the birching and that you took every stroke with the kind of eroticism that outstrips anything I've seen or done recently.

Your wonderfully, glorious bare bottom is a "work of art" after the birch has done it's dance upon your soft, plump white flesh. I think commendation must also go to the "bircher" and I do know what I'm talking about, hence the name I use!

Once again, well done.

Corporal Birch.

Thankyou! So pleased you liked it. I rather liked the birch - it was very challenging, but in a way which made me feel stronger and more capable of meeting the challenge, rather than frightened and vulnerable. I had another encounter with it the following day which was a little more severe than these initial 24 strokes. I'm very much hoping there will be more to come and we'll do our best to capture it on film. (Plus... historical judicial birching punishments? Ohyesplease.)


(Plus... historical judicial birching punishments? Ohyesplease.)

Yes please! :)

The best thing to do with a birch!

Pandora, I don't know how much access you may have to old runs of "Janus", but can I recommend a story in I think Issue no. 32 (early 30s, anyway). It had a full page illustration drawn by Paula, and was called The Penance stone. In it, the lord of the manor came homefrom the Crusades and found that his wife had been unfaithful, having assumed that he was dead while abroad. She is taken down from the castle to the centre of the village, stripped in front of the assembled villagers, of both sexes, and given a dozen with the birch - which are most vividly described! And he has told her that this punishment will be repeated once a month for a full year!

If you could act this out ... or even a bit of it ... you would have many applicants to take the parts of villagers!

Seriously, it was a magnificent film and looked very painful ... as well as very exciting!


Penance Stone

I've got a copy of the illustration in a directory somewhere, not from the original article but from a much later retrospective Paula did for Janus, with some writing from here about drawing for that story. I'll have to dig it out and show Pandora.


Hi Pandora

I have mentioned this to you before - I have always been facinated by spanking and in particular the birch. It was used in all of Britain and even in Australia - but the Isle of Man kept using it until quite recent times. Your birch is very similar to the Manx birch. It was used on naughty boys who had to lay across a wooden table with pants down to receive the Court ordered punishment on their bare bottoms. Some authentic judicial historical clips would be fantastic.

I thought it might be in the Manx birch style! I imagine it could become very severe indeed when used with real force. I'd love to revisit this implement in a judicial setting. Location is the problem, but I'm keeping an eye out...

manx birch

Your birch is very similar to the Manx style only the latter was also bound half way up as well. As far as location is concerned, a large wooden table with some witnesses and a "policeman " or two to give it some reality. Is that what you meant by "location"?

The problem is finding a room which is large and bare enough without looking overly modern - and, as you say, which contains a suitable table but not much else. (I wouldn't want to try and drive a table to someone's garage, for instance!) If you have any suggested venues, I'd love to hear them - feel free to drop me an email at pandora @ dreamsofspanking.com.


I sent you an email Pandora - I dont know if you ever received it?

I do LOVE that little stool you kneel on, Pandora, but I believe not all are aware of how painful it can be on the knees, when there is no support for the feet... at least if you kneel for say 15 minutes.

You know Frants, I thought of you as soon as I saw it... and decided I HAD to take advantage of it and include some kneeling cornertime :)

I have a nice location with old furniture - a short Ryanair fare away....

So you do, I'd forgotten about that option! Thanks for the reminder - I'll see if budget permits a visit for some shooting this summer :)

you took my breath away

As one who is also diciplined sometimes, you made me squirm as I have an idea how it felt. Im glad you were courageous enough to make this video. Both my bf and i enjoyed your character and your whippin.

manx birching

I agree with Katie (and others),....the Manx birch is VERY painful. I took one lash of it full force as an experiment and it took my breath away. The implement with which I have taken 30 lashes off Master David Greetham in Swindon is quite a bit kinder but still stingy and authentic.

Beautiful birching

Have only just got round to watching this and wow that was a great video. Oh how lucky Thomas is/was.

This one stayed with me for a while! The birch can be brutal x


Loving it. Every now and then it's refreshing to watch something that's not all in character and acted out. Somehow the authenticity makes it even more exciting. Like, "oh yes, these are real people really doing these things". Also that it's not so awfully serious, that there's the healthy amount of banter and even some consent-related discussion shown... It's a nice approach, works really well here.

We have lots of authentic real play partners on here so there is plenty of that for you to enjoy!

Thanks so much, we love to mix it up with lighter scenes and consent is a huge part of our mission here. You can search the tag "playful" for fun light scenes :)


Wow Pandora, you were so brave to take such a severe Birching! Absolutely amazing!

Watching this took me back over 30 years to an occasion when I witnessed a live Birching. It had a profound effect on me to see someone I loved severely birched. I think the memory of it will stay with me for ever. Maybe I will have the opportunity to tell you about it someday.

That sounds like a story I would really like to hear :)

Okay . . .

I have emailed you the story of The Birching.

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