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Not Such A Tough Boy

Film (running time 22:27) with gallery of 96 screengrabs
Created 5 May 2022, last updated 1 Jun 2022



Blake plays Kelley May’s delinquent boyfriend in this squirmingly hot genderbending OTK hand spanking and anal penetration scene featuring their thickest dildo. 

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Tags: anal eroticism, behind the scenes, British, butt plug, dominance/submission, erotic, explicit sex, film, firm hand spanking, F|X, Kelley May, OTK, Pandora Blake

Blake is doing their best to seem macho, but it’s no use: Kelley can see straight through their tough guy act. She knows what they really are - a naughty little boy who is desperate to be put over her lap, spanked red, and fucked to orgasm. Slowly and surely she takes Blake apart: no more talking back, no more bravado, just a subby well-fucked obedient slut bent over her lap and crying out for release.

This is one of the hottest and horniest experiences Blake has ever had, on set or off, and it’s easy to see why. Kelley is the perfect mummy domme who knows exactly how to talk to Blake as she spanks their bottom and fucks them to anal orgasm with their biggest dildo - twice!

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Behind the Scenes

This scene comes straight from Blake's own fantasies, and they had to focus quite hard to direct from the bottom on this one! The aftercare moment is particularly lovely: this was a really intense film for Blake and the most explicit scene Kelley had ever done on camera, and as they curl up on the bed together afterwards you can tell how much they both enjoyed it.

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Very hot!

Hmm . . well, I'm not sure quite what to say & I'm not sure what I think about this. I really enjoyed watching it, but kind of don't want to admit I enjoyed it. Almost wanted to stop watching, but carried on watching anyway. Felt that I shouldn't be enjoying watching it. I don't know what else to say apart from perhaps this is one of the most kinky films I've ever seen.

We can sometimes be surprised by our reactions!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I would have come all over my iPad screen if I had been watching on that. Good thing I watched it on my VR headset. Blake’s bottom gloriously crimson already. Screened across 22 virtual feet. My guess is that hairbrush has already been put to scorching use.
Being a switch myself it is always interesting to reflect on who I identify when watching scenes.
When Blake fucked Tai Crimson recently it was Tai who I would swap places with. With this scene it is definitely Kelley’s role I would choose to fill. And Blake’s hole of course. Xx

Always a pleasure to see you in a quivering mess. You butt slut! that made me very hard P.

I was a quivering mess for a long time after this, I can assure you. We also shot a film that was exclusive to Kelley and featured lots more butt slutting: you should be able to watch it here https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/163305/miss-kelley-may

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