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The Governor's Revenge

Film (running time 06:37) with gallery of 48 screengrabs
Created 13 Jan 2022, last updated 27 Feb 2022



Pandora Blake’s been procrastinating, and Michael Stamp is determined to get her back in line with a sound OTK spanking...

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Tags: bare bottom, film, firm hand spanking, hand spanking, knee highsocks, Michael Stamp, M|F, M|X, OTK, Pandora Blake, real life, school uniform, true story

There’s a whole lot to do when you run your own business, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. In the runup to this scene being filmed Pandora made a few mistakes - she lost some footage; she didn’t get on with editing; a couple of releases were delayed. No worries, though: Michael reckons he knows just how to motivate her to get back on track!

He gets her over his lap and administers a gorgeously sore OTK bare-handed spanking, leaving her glowing rose-red and rubbing her backside. But will our intrepid heroine actually release the delayed scene in good time, or will it be a while longer before it sees the light of day?

(Spoiler alert: the film in question did indeed come out several years ago. This footage itself, on the other hand, has been hidden away unedited for some time now!)


This is such fun, I really enjoyed watching it!

It was great to take this trip down memory lane with this film!

I remember seeing this in 2012. I think Pandora really did earn this spanking! The knickers are a nice shade of purple, I remember Pandora wearing purple panties in other old videos :)

Well remembered, I think I posted it on my blog at the time but never as its own film. I truly did earn it, and got my comeuppance ;)

All the more exciting to see you spanked when you deserve it!

My secret is to find every excuse to misbehave: that way, I always deserve it ;)

Naughty Girl

Pandora, you really are my ideal naughty girl and always look the part in your school uniform, although I am not sure those panties are school regulation. As your Uncle I take a very dim view of your continual procrastination young lady, my only conclusion would be to take you over my knee , spank your delectable bare bottom until red x

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