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Short Shorts

Free video (running time 21:23) with gallery of 48 screengrabs
Created 26 Apr 2013 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts! A fun, behind the scenes free video by Alex and Pandora to celebrate the joys of spanking in tight denim jeans shorts and snug yoga pants.

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Tags: Alex Reynolds, consensual, denim, domestic, film, free video, F|F, F|X, hand spanking, light-hearted, OTK, paddle, Pandora Blake, playful, positive, real life, switch, X|F

The amazing Alex Reynolds came to stay with me for a week, and fun was had. This free, behind the scenes video is a present to you from both of us, showing us spanking each other over our shorts and on the bare with hand and a wooden paddle. Includes hugging, hilarity and seahorse underwear!



Oh, that is so utterly, utterly delightful! And huge thank-yous for the free content. :-) (It may also have added to my determination to buy some paid content once I'm able to!)

You are both so beautiful and charming, and the fun you're clearly having is infectious.

And I will never be able to look at seahorses the same way again...

The poor seahorses! They were very lucky that Alex was brave enough to take the spanking for them. ;)


pandora honey u are so so so funy !!!! i love u and ur site , and i wish spank by u one day !!! ( I m not an english person and I know this comment is full of mistakes , sorry )


Lovely to watch lovely girls having lovely fun xx

Thank you, we really enjoyed making this one!


That was 20 minutes of pure fun. Many thanks for sharing this!!

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it!


Alex and Pandora are becoming into an splendid spanking duo. When the performance skills are so good, two perfect round bottoms clad in very short shorts are a real feast for the eyes. My most sincere congratulations for this beautiful piece of art.

Aww, thanks Sheldon, I'm glad you enjoyed it! There wasn't much performance in this one though, this is just the two of us being our natural selves :)

This was just an amazing video. I like it. Pandora, have you ever been spanked with something incredibly painful for a long, long time? There's my idea. ;) I enjoyed it. One thumb up, the other...well...you get the point.

I dunno, does a hundred strokes of the cane count? Hairbrush spankings can be pretty horrible, too.

Glad you liked the shorts video!

BIG thank you to Pandora and Alex for making such a sweet, funny and exciting video. Luv u both xxx :)

Thank you Andrew, we're so glad you enjoyed it!

Oh...that was sooo lovely!


Cheeks hugs

Wow those bottom hugging shorts are so amazing. They just cry out for spanking. And that's just what the two of you did! Great fun.

Very nice with you 2 cute girls ,love girl girl spankings ,best spanks.Timx

Really cute girls in shorts who spank and have nice fun together ,best spanks Tim x

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