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Maintaining Discipline - part 2

Film (running time 17:54) with gallery of 44 photographs
Created 25 Apr 2015, last updated 27 Feb 2022

Performers: Mike Pain, Pandora Blake



Tags: asked for, bare bottom, behind the scenes, British, cane, consensual, dominant spankee, film, firm hand spanking, F|M, hand spanking, Headmaster, interview, lingerie, Mike Pain, M|F, M|X, Nimue Allen (tog), Pandora Blake, pencil skirt, school, severe, slipper, stockings, switch scene, tawse, welts, X|M

In the headmaster's study Pandora Blake practices corporal punishment with the tawse and cane. Mike Pain takes a severe beating, before bending Pandora over the desk for a firm hand spanking.

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Photography: Nimue Allen

If you thought there was a frisson of erotic tension in the first part of Maintaining Discipline, then you ain't seen nothing yet. In part two, headmaster Mike Pain instructs new teacher Pandora Blake in the art of severe corporal punishment. First, the Scottish tawse – cruel and stinging. Ms Blake is nervous that it's usually used on the hands, but Mr Pain assures her that in his school it's used on the bare bottom. Not gently, either – he tells her to deliver each stroke as hard as she can, and Pandora's more than happy to rise to the challenge.

Next comes the cane – the headmaster calmly accepts six, and then twelve, hard cracks with the thin cane while Pandora grins gleefully. She's definitely enjoying this lesson. By the time she moves on to the thick cane, Mr Pain's bare bottom is covered in harsh red marks – the cumulative impact of a severe beating. But he isn't flagging, and urges Pandora to continue giving him her hardest strokes. Mr Pain is clearly enjoying this too.

When she's perfected her technique with the canes, Ms Blake is in for her next corporal punishment lesson: how to take it herself. As she bends over the desk and lifts her skirt, revealing stockings and suspenders and a gorgeous unmarked bottom, it's no surprise to realise that she's been looking forward to this. Headmaster Mike Pain gives her a firm hand spanking, followed by a session with the slipper. It seems like a lesson that both colleagues would like to take part in again...

Interview with Mike Pain
Mike Pain, Pandora Blake

Pandora and Mike chat about everything spanking - starting with how and when Mike first realised he was into corporal punishment, and going onto his current preference for impersonal, clinical punishments, and scenes in which he spanks or is spanked by someone he knows is secretly enjoying it. They delve into one of Mike's hottest fantasies, and Mike tells why he's sometimes called 'phone booth Mike'. A fascinating interview with a life-long kinkster, full of eye-witness details of Mike's childhood in caning-obsessed 1960s South Africa.

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Hey, here'e part 2 with Pandora's spanking :) I loved the teacher/headmaster role-play you did with Sarah Bright and Mr. Stern called "The Pupil Teacher" a couple of years ago Pandora. This looks to have the same feel, with your slightly conservative appearance and look of embarrassed discomfort when you are bent over. A beautiful shot of your knicker and stocking clad behind.

Thanks! I think this scene has much more erotic tension than The Pupil Teacher though ;) That film was pure punishment and my character was extremely embarrassed to be humiliated by her headmaster. This time the characters are both definitely into spanking - and each other! They are just far too prim and proper to come out and admit it...

I suppose the photos of your face do betray your guilty pleasure ☺

Love that little turning point when Mike quietly informs Miss Blake, he thinks she should actually experience some punishment for herself just to get a feel for it!
I guess it's only a fairly short spanking from Mike, Pandora, but I love the way he decides to continue after the twelve demonstration slaps to pick up a good rhythm. And a nice finish with a stingy slipper to end a good storyline. Most enjoyable.

In retrospect, we could have continued the spanking for longer - but I thought at the time I was going to publish as a single film and I knew it was already rather long. It wasn't until I sat down and watched it that I realised it would be nearly 40 minutes long if I published it all at once! So having split it up, my spanking could have gone on for longer. Never mind - I like the implication that it leaves the characters wanting more, and there will clearly have to be subsequent meetings in the Headmaster's study... :)

Loved it

I was really looking forward to the second part of this after seeing part 1. I like the whole concept of the headmaster instructing the pupil and love the flrty way you play it. The idea of having the teacher pretending to be unsure of herself, but actually obviously loving every second of it Is great. Acting within acting.

I was left wanting to see the headmaster demonstrate the cane on Pandora. Clearly, if the logic is that the teacher needs to experience the punishments she is about to dole out, then she should received a caning herself.

But leaving everybody wanting more is a nice way to end it. Looking forward to a sequel that sees Pandora getting the cane from the head, purely for instructional reasons of course.


Very well done.

Sequel - Cane

I'm glad you enjoyed this film: I really enjoyed being a part of it. A sequel where I call in Miss Blake, because she is still having discipline issues, and needs to become completely proficient at the use of the cane, and the varying levels of severity in its use would be a great way to finish the series.

We could have Miss Blake saying she is afraid to use the cane because it is too severe, and asking the headmaster to test it on her so she can get an idea of just how much of a punishment it is. Of course, she secretly enjoys it and is just making an excuse to get herself caned.. :)

With Pandora's excellent acting, it would be a memorable and highly erotic film!

Sequel - Pandora gets the cane

Sounds great. I hope you make it.

This is really hot - I love a bit of switching.

I particularly like the end, where Pandora responds to being told she has to come in for another session like an eight-year old who's just been told there's lots and lots of ice cream. I add my voice to those wanting to see that session.

Whackings for Mike and Pandora .

Pandora very good video with yourself and Mike ,hope you can do many more with the other girls Amelia , Molly ,and the other cute chums on your great site hope so I know you have many fans friends who wish that ,love and spanks from , Tim x

Pandora means elegance

I really enjoyed this!

Oh wow! Watching this was such a good start to what will be a very busy day of holiday preparations and packing. So looking forward to this holiday, but don't know if I'll be able to access your videos in Turkey?

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