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Lucy's Punishment

Spanking audio story (running time 28:45) written by Rosie Bower
Created 1 Oct 2016, last updated 1 Oct 2016
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Narrated by Pandora Blake



Tags: audio, bare bottom, cane, edgy, embarrassing, erotic, humiliation, Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower, school, school teacher, severe

Naughty schoolgirl Lucy is seriously hot for teacher, and plans to make him punish her. But her school teacher deftly turns the tables on her with a severe and humiliating caning.

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Lucy is a school girl with a plan. A pupil at an all-girls school, she’s seriously hot for teacher Mr. Roberts. She decides to make her fantasies of punishment at the hands of her school teacher a reality, pushing his buttons in all the wrong ways until she achieves the right effect. Finally, flashing her non-regulation black knickers does the trick - she’s asked to stay behind after class, but quickly gets more than she had bargained for.

For as long as Lucy has been acting out in class, Mr. Roberts has been struggling with the desire to punish her, as he isn’t sure if he’d be doing it purely for professional reasons. But when he finally reaches his limit, he’s determined to go through with her punishment properly. To her embarrassment, she is made to write down all of her recent offences on the blackboard. Then, Mr. Roberts gets out the cane, instructing her to count each of the twelve strokes – one for every offence on the board. Although it's strictly outside the bounds of his authority, Mr. Roberts also tells Lucy to pull her knickers down and take the rest of her caning on the bare bottom.

Her humiliation is complete when Lucy realises that not only has she forgotten to count out the strokes out loud, and Mr. Roberts will start again from the beginning – but they’re also not alone in the room. Lucy's punishment proves an intense experience for both teacher and student; a schoolgirl caning neither of them will ever forget.

This audio porn story was written by Rosie Bower, and is narrated by Pandora Blake. 


Bedtime Listening

What a wonderful story. I listened it to last night before going to sleep and again this morning. I love the way that Rosie Bower describes Lucy's caning but more than that I admire how she describes the thoughts and emotions racing through her head.

True it's highly unlikely that a school teacher would instruct a pupil to pull up her skirt and pull down her knickers. However Rosie and Pandora are such excellent story tellers, I found it very easy to suspend my disbelief.

Lucy's Punishment

What a terrific story. Would love to act this one out with a willing schoolgirl.

Will Lucy have a spanking first ? best spanks Tim .

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