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Kept Pink

Film (running time 18:30) with gallery of 87 screengrabs
Created 24 Jul 2021, last updated 29 Jul 2021



Stephen Lewis and Kelley May have had enough of nephew Richard McLean’s disrespectful behaviour. There’s only one thing for it: time to keep his bottom sore and pink for a whole day.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, domestic, firm hand spanking, hairbrush, hand spanking, hard punishment, MF|M, Miss Kelley May, paternal, Richard Mclean, Stephen Lewis, Strict

Everyone’s had enough of Richard’s laziness and bad behaviour - so much so in fact that his parents have sent him to spend a while living with his super-strict aunt and uncle. When he tries to carry on as usual, ignoring his curfew and “forgetting” his chores, they know they’re going to have to try a different approach. A single spanking is one thing, but to really get the message across they’re going to have to go a step further and keep their naughty nephew sore and pink all day long.

From morning till evening, Richard’s bottom is spanked till it glows. We get to follow him as he’s topped up over and over again, bent over the sofa and the dining table and his aunt’s lap. He’s beaten over his jeans and straight on the bare; with a practiced hand and with the back of a stinging hairbrush. By the end of it he’s not sure which is worse - the soreness of the frequent spankings, or the humiliation of having his backside checked to make sure it’s still rosy and warm.

When bedtime comes, he really does seem to have learned his lesson. He’ll have to sleep on his front all night, and he’ll be feeling the sting of his all-day punishment for a little while yet.

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Kept Pink - Behind The Scenes

Richard was just as pink off-camera as he was on it - and this week's backstage content gives us plenty more glimpses of his beautifully reddened backside! There were a few times during shooting here where Richard found the spankings quite difficult, so we get to see some of the ways Kelley, Stephen and Pandora checked in with him and gauged his comfort levels - all vitally important for making ethical, consensual porn. We also learn of a great tragedy: performers making in-character tea they never get to drink. Surely there are laws against that kind of thing?

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let me take them down cos Im goin to...

a very creative realisation of Richards spanking fantasy. Thanks for sharing. Strawberry feels forever xxx

Whipping boy scenario

Richard and Kelley and Stephen all work so well together. A scenario I would like to see them realise is Richard as whipping boy for Kelley’s household and marital misdemeanours. So Kelley burns the toast or flirts with the delivery man, but it is Richard who takes whatever punishment Stephen thinks she deserves. And of course it would work switchwise ie Stephen forgets to bring a litre of milk home or something and Richard gets the spanking that Kelley decides Stephen deserves.


Oh goodness, Blake, as a queer femme who usually skips over content that includes men (which is, of course, lovely content but not my jam as a lesbian), I watched the consent interview here because the “kept pink” concept fascinated me and I love to see spankos in the wild.

I found your site a few years back when looking up feminist porn and you continue to amaze me with your nuanced, empathic negotiations of consent.

I am beyond grateful that Richard consented to let us hear bits of him negotiating play that made him uncomfortable and that you chose to leave it in. How easy it would’ve been to cut a part where a performer is uncomfortable, and how easy it would’ve been for Richard to want to keep that moment private.

If either one of you were worried about the implications, please know this makes me trust you more than I had in the past, (and even then I was already beaming!) This makes me confident that the porn I’m watching is as ethical as it claims to be. Of course, not all of your viewers will care about this, but for those of us who do, you’ve truly hit the nail on the head. This is huge and important, so thank you.

I love seeing the glimpses of your personalities outside of the lovely roles and I do hope you continue with more behind the scenes content.

Congratulations, Blake and Richard!!
xoxo missinthecorner

What a lovely comment, this means so much!

I tidied up the extra comments dont worry :)

The interviews and BTS are really important to what we do here. Particularly when doing edgy scenes, context is vital and can reassure the viewer. It means a lot to hear that this content is having the intended impact - like you say, not every site provides this context and not every viewer cares, but for those who do care it's really important to them.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for what we do. It means a lot <3

First time

missinthecorner, it's funny you should mention that you would normally skip over content with men. For me, this happened to be the first time I watched a video where a guy gets spanked. As a straight or somewhat bi curious submissive woman, my kink has always been M/f, with some rare digressions towards F/f but never anything else. And as you say, I'm sure it's all great content, no question about that. It's just that in my own personal fantasy world, men are always the dominant ones and there's nothing to be done about this. Or so I thought.

Something about this one got me interested. I did watch it. And I did feel fascinated. And yes, it did turn me on a bit. It was a strange feeling and a pleasant feeling. And definitely a welcome feeling too. At the age of 40 it got me thinking, well, apparently I'm still able to find something new about my sexuality, something to explore. Who knows what else I might find. So thanks for this one! Great actors as always.

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