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Film (running time 23:45) with gallery of 74 photographs
Created 21 Jul 2013 , updated 24 Feb 2022



Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, bloomers, cane, Caroline Grey, cold caning, defiance, edgy, fair, film, F|F, F|M, hard punishment, historical, Pandora Blake, petticoats, photogallery, scolding, strict, Victorian & Edwardian, welts, Will Savage, X|F, X|M

Caroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party. Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the cane.

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Amelia's father is hosting a dinner party, and she and Caroline have hatched a plan to swap the invited guests from boring bachelors to interesting young men. They enlist Will, one of the footmen, to deliver the new counterfeit invitations. Unfortunately Will is intercepted by governess Miss Blake before he can complete his errand, and all three are in big trouble.

Disappointed that the discipline she has administered before has clearly had no good effect, Miss Blake threatens to tell Amelia's father about the prank and send Caroline away. The girls beg her not to tell him, but Miss Blake is adamant that such outright rebellion deserves severe punishment. She shocks the girls by telling them that instead, they will each receive twelve hard strokes of the cane from her.

Amelia's governess Miss Blake is not much older than the two young ladies and they are used to thinking of her as a friend, but now they see another side of her. She is responsible for them and after such disgraceful disobedience she is determined to correct them, whatever it may take.

Once the girls have been disciplined, Miss Blake turns her attentions to her young cousin, Will. She was glad to be able to find him a place in the household and knows that her aunt and uncle cannot afford for him to lose his position, which is what would happen if she were to report his behaviour. She also knows that if she were discovered to be covering for him, they would both be at risk. She is therefore obliged to punish him as well, if he will accept it from his own cousin; after all, she is his elder and senior to him in position. Will knows he has erred in letting the charming young ladies draw him into their conspiracy, and submits to correction from Miss Blake in the form of six strokes of the cane.  

This is the sequel to The Edwardian Governess.


hmm, can't make the trailer play!
Computer says, NO :)

Sorry lovely, trailer took a little while to get sorted for this one. It's all up and working now, though :)

Sorry Pandora and D, but my computer says no also. Which is a shame because the pictures look great.


COMPUTER SAYS YES ! Super scene and great costumes.


Hurray, glad you like it!

Genre Equality

Beautiful and exciting film. The four characters are perfect, although the bottoming of Amelia deserves an extra star. Hoewever, I am rather critical with the severe governess, since she does not allow poor Will to watch the delicious bottoms of Amelia and Carolyne when they are caned. Where is the "genre equality"LOL. An additinal detail the customs are perfect ,but it is strange to see a radiator so modern during the Victorian time. Jokes apart, congratulations to Pandora and her team for a great film that keeps the high standars of creativity and artistic quality of this site.

Ah, if only it was easier to deal with radiators! One of the items on my props wishlist is a radiator cover like this one that I can carry to shoots and use as required...


I don't think they were as keen on gender equality in the Edwardian period :) The modesty of the womens must be protected! Cameras don't count. ;)

Great film, but I think you were a bit lenient. 24 strokes each would have been better.

Ouch! Poor Caroline and Amelia! At the end of a two days' shooting that might have been a bit much, I think. Generally I only write very hard punishments for myself, or spankees who request it. Because consent. :)

Another great scene! You've done it again.

Thank you!

Terrific Idea and Staging

Pandora, I only recently discovered your wonderful work but you tick all my spanking boxes! I am especially happy with your delight in the punishment of male and female together and this video is an excellent example of what I want to regard as a genre all by itself.

If I have a criticism of this one it is that your wielding of the cane sometimes seems a little bit rigid. I know you must be aware that some are able to inflict any degree of severity with the merest flick of the cane whilst others draw back further, hold the implement rigidly and produce an impact more like that of a solid wooden implement than of a relatively light, whippy stick. If the cane is directed towards its target but arrested a moment before impact, the flexible tip of the cane can continue under its own momentum until it strikes and produces the characteristic stinging effect rather than the more bruising impact of a rigid item like a paddle.

I didn't intend this to end up as a caning master-class but your work is so excellent that I want it to be perfect. I love your ideas and attention to detail.

Cool. I'm always interested in constructive criticism and particularly in improving my cane technique. I'll look into it and ask some of the experts amongst my friends for a few pointers :)

Really glad you like the scene. I love films of boys and girls punished together and they are proving some of the most popular films on this site so far. I can't believe no-one else is doing it!

What a fabulous video !!! Wish I was a co conspirator in this naughtiness and lining up for the cane too..... Think the footman should have got at least the same number of strokes as the girls

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

You might be right regarding the footman, but it was Will's first shoot with us and he didn't know how badly he would mark from the cane, and had a stage performance two days after this shoot (he works as a male stripper). He said he was happy to try the cane but wanted to keep marking to a minimum, so we agreed on six relatively light strokes as a compromise. He took it really well, and next time I shoot with him I'll be comfortable taking things a bit further. I'll definitely arrange for our shoot to be a bit further away from his next stage show next time!

FM spanking

What an excellent site Pandora,it's rare to find realistic FM role play.
Would love to see Will in his next role as a cocky schoolboy or rugby player,sent to the headmistress to be taken down a peg or two,with the help of her cane!
Congratulation on a great site!!

Ooh, I like the rugby player idea, he certainly has the build for it. One day, when I could afford it, I'd love to shoot a changing rooms scene with a whole male sports team. Meanwhile a Headmistress scenario definitely sounds doable!

Thanks for your support, glad you're enjoying the scenes :)

Your governess is so sexy Pandora :) Such confidence and reserved beauty.

Aww, what a fantastic compliment Andrew! Thank you so much. I love playing Victorian and Edwardian roles. :)


I just simply love the fact that you can spank them with such passion and that they yell ow! And then do it so softly..

edwardian mistress

Caroline Grey

She is such a great performer.........xxx

She is amazing :)

Loved it

I loved this one. Will being there while the girls are punished, and then getting punished himself made me happy. I especially liked that he only got six strokes while the girls both got twelve since he wasn't the instigator. I loved Caroline trying to get out of her punishment by saying that she'd learned her lesson just from seeing Amelia punished. I thought Amelia was the perfect mix of compliant and unhappy with a bit of defiance about what was going on.

I know what you mean, sometimes the presence of a boy in the same boat can make a /F scene so much enjoyable for me. It stops being about gender unfairness and lets me focus on the lovely, lovely spanking! But then, a lot of my fantasies are about exploring sexist situations, particularly institutional/cultural sexism in history. It's Complicated (TM).

Thanks for the lovely comment, I thought Caroline and Amelia gave great performances in this too. :)

A lovely film. I do agree with what you say about M and F punished together.

I was going to complain that Will should have been punished more severely than he was, and certainly that he should have been more stoical under his punishment than the young ladies were - but I see that you have in effect explained that, But certainly the footman should have been on his mettle to take his caning bravely....

Pandora both lovely girls young Amelia and young Caroline are swished with young Will by yourself very good .Some big houses had central heating radiators in those days so your setting will pass muster ,best spanks ,Tim x

I'm confused. (So what's new?)

This has been around for years, so what's the 5 June '16 update?

Oooh this was so good! I definitely need to go watch the first scene. I didn’t realize it was a sequel at first. But anyway I love this! I especially enjoyed Amelia’s reactions. And I laughed out loud when Will said blimey!

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