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I'm Sorry We Let It Get To This

Film (running time 10:38) with gallery of 57 screengrabs
Created 2 Dec 2021, last updated 21 May 2022



Stroppy teenager Richard McLean reckons he’s too old to pull down his trousers for his father’s belt - but parents Kelley May and Stephen Lewis have other ideas.

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Tags: bare bottom, behind the scenes, belt, domestic, film, MF|M, Miss Kelley May, paternal, reluctant spanker, Richard Mclean, Stephen Lewis, Strict

Stephen and Kelley are concerned for their teenage son Richard: he’s a good kid, but he’s been slipping a little lately and clearly needs a reminder of how he’s supposed to behave. Richard, for his part, isn’t worried at first - after all he’s too old for a spanking, right?

Much to his surprise, his parents don’t agree with his assessment. They’ve decided that a sound strapping with his father’s belt is exactly what he needs, and before he knows it he’s kneeling on the sofa with his trousers around his ankles. His mother gently talks him through his punishment, and by the end he’s sore and subdued and knows it’s time to change his behaviour for the better.

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I'm Sorry We Let It Get To This - Behind the Scenes

This was an intense one to shoot: it's a particularly taboo expression of the disciplinary dynamic between two parents and their child, and it was part of a very long day's filming including a performer who hadn't worked on a spanking set before. Join the cast and crew backstage as they make sure everyone's looking after themselves properly (grapes are not a balanced meal!), check in with everyone's limits and boundaries, and work together to make the scene the best it can be.

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